Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blogger and the Homosexual Community and the Muslims of America and the First Amendment

The First Amendment is under attack right here at Holger Awakens.

My blog post in which I asked the question, "Will the Federal Government REALLY strip an Islamic mosque of tax-exampt status for refusing to marry gays?" has been removed from this blog by the people at Blogger.

Apparently, either a homosexual or a Muslim or a homosexual Muslim decided to file a complaint regarding that blogpost so since ONE PERSON objected to my blogpost, it has been removed.

Now, I have plans to repost that blog post for everyone.  A word of warning - if this blog somehow "disappears" or you see it idle for a number of days, you can be assured that the Communists at Blogger have decided to completely shut down free speech in America.

Stay tuned.....

UPDATE:  It appears that a certain homosexual photographer from San Francisco is the culprit in this attack on the blog.  Apparently she didn't want her photograph used in such a straight forward manner as is presented here at Holger Awakens.  I thought it would be some good free advertising for her.  Oh well, I guess you just can't please some people.

Stay tuned....post is coming back at you with a slight improvement ...a new photo by a photographer who doesn't shoot photos out of her ass.

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