Monday, October 12, 2015

Israeli Taxi Driver Thwarts Terrorist Stabbing Attack By Palestinian Woman

I see that the big, tough jihadis of the West Bank are now sending their women in to do their work while they sit home eating dates and scratching their hairy asses.


The story comes from Israel National News.

Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Tel Aviv

An Arab woman attempted to stab pedestrians on Bar Lev St. in Tel Aviv Monday evening, after exiting a taxi in the city.

Bystanders told Arutz Sheva from the scene that the woman exited a taxi and then began attacking passersby immediately.

The taxi driver overcame her and neutralized her before she could complete her attempts and until security forces arrived.

No injuries have been reported.

An initial investigation identifies the would-be terrorist as an Israeli-Arab woman in her twenties, from Haifa. She has been arrested and is currently being questioned by security forces.

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