Friday, October 9, 2015

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Calls On All Israelis With Guns To Carry Them, Kill Terrorists When They Attack

 Israeli medics at the scene of a stabbing incident that left a soldier lightly injured before the Palestinian assailant was shot dead by police [Reuters]

No nonsense words of advice from an Israeli Defense Minister - and a warning to all Arab Muslim terrorists infiltrating and plotting against Israelis - the population will be armed and will be waiting to blow your Mohammed-loving ass to Hell.

The story comes from The Jewish Press.

Deputy Defense Minister Calls on Citizens to Carry Their Guns

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan has followed in the footsteps of Mayor Nir Barkat and has called on all citizens to carry their licensed weapons on them.

Ben-Dahan said we need to ensure that all terrorists are shot. He said it is difficult to stop someone who suddenly decides to stab someone with a screwdriver. So they need to know they will be shot in the end.

Ben-Dahan made the statement at the site of the terror attack in Tel Aviv.

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