Sunday, October 11, 2015

AFP, Reuters and Al Arabiya Lying To the World Yet Again About Israel - Paliwood Alive and Well

 A medic carries the body of a three-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed after her house was brought down by an Israeli air strike in Gaza early on October 11, 2015. (Reuters)

This article from Al Arabiya (but published by the AFP and Reuters) is a CLASSIC set up against Israel likes we've seen a THOUSAND times before.  But what makes this one hilarious is that the writers didn't spare ONE SINGLE INFLAMMATORY LIE in writing the article, you see an Israeli airstrike"killed":

  • Yes, a TODDLER!
  • Yes, a mother (as in a female)!
  • And it gets better....the mother was PREGNANT!
 And for effect, look at the photo above of the toddler "killed" - the medic has just brought the poor lifeless body of the child who was "killed" when the house was hit by the IAF and the entire building COLLAPSED on the child and the mother.  So, let me get this straight, an Israeli munition takes out the house of this mother, the entire building collapses on the mother and this child in the picture yet this child has NOT ONE DROP OF BLOOD ON HER BODY and there is NOT ONE SPECK OF DUST ON THE CLOTHING!

Oh, one other thing - the medic is running this child into a hospital and you will see that there are NO DOCTORS EVEN IN THE AREA TO HELP THE KID - oh wait, there are some medical personnel in the background....are they shooting the shit?  are they playing cards?

Absolute fucking joke.

This fairy tale comes from Al Arabiya.

(and no, i won't reproduce the slop of an article here) - go to the link to read the lie.

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