Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Denmark posts anti-refugee ads in Lebanese newspapers

The Danes have woken up.

The story comes from Al Arabiya.

Denmark posts anti-refugee ads in Lebanese newspapers

The Danish government has published advertisements in four Lebanese newspapers Monday that discourage refugees from travelling to Denmark.

The advertisements, published in Arabic and English, detail Denmark’s new strict laws regarding refugees and explain why the country could be an undesirable destination for them, U.S. daily The Washington Post reported.

The adverts refer to recent legislation by the government, cutting social benefits for newly arrived refugees by 50 percent. It also goes onto say foreigners that are allowed a temporary stay in Denmark cannot bring in family members living abroad.

“Foreign nationals granted temporary protection in Denmark will not have the right to bring family members to Denmark during the first year,” said the commercials, placed by Denmark’s Ministry of Immigration, Integration & Housing.

The move seems to reflect the tough stance Denmark’s new right-leaning government has taken on immigration laws. It also highlights the divisions on how European countries are trying to handle the migrant crisis.

Denmark’s stance seems to sharply contradict that of Germany, Sweden, Greece and the UK, where governments have pledged to take in more refugees feeling conflict areas.

Some Danish politicians have said they are “ashamed” of the campaign.

“This must be the worst timing for an advert in the history of the world,” Uffe Elbaek, leader of Denmark’s leftwing Alternative party, said in a statement.

The Danish campaign comes days after the world was left outraged by the death of a Syrian child - Aylan - who drowned off the Turkish coast as he traveled with his father, mother and brother as they attempted to sail from Turkey having fled their war-torn country.

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Vespo08 said...

Good story and good for Denmark. That country has been plagued by islamic "migration" with assimilation. Living off the taxpayer funded welfare system and not learning the culture. There is nothing indigenous about islam to Denmark, it is the domination of Denmark and Europe by Islam. Denmark learned quickly and now putting their foot down! Sadly the rest of Europe will submit to the "manufactured" migration as you eloquently stated on your show.
I am 1 of your 9 Blog post readers! Thank you for all you are doing!