Monday, August 10, 2015

The Democrat Presidential Debate: Megyn Kelly Gets Ready For Hillary

I have an inside source at Fox News who was able to take a cell phone photo of the questions that Megyn Kelly is planning to ask Hillary Clinton when Fox News is awarded one of the Democrat Presidential Primary debates.

Megyn Kelly, of course, is coming off a huge uptick in her "popularity" with the hatchet job and ambush of several GOP candidates at the recent first GOP Presidential Primary debate so we are all on pins and needles wanting to know how she will scorch Hillary Clinton on stage.

Here's the questions she has so far:

Megyn Kelly's Questions for Hillary Clinton:

  1. "Secretary Clinton, we have so many things to cover this evening Madame Secretary, but the American people are just so curious about that new grandbaby of yours, can you give us an update on that precious granddaughter of yours?"
  2. "Secretary Clinton, while you have proven to have provided every single bit of substantiation and have complied completely with the Benghazi committee's investigation, many people in America think you have recourse legally against the harassment by Trey Gowdy and that entire committee....have you considered that to clear your name?"
  3. "Mrs. Clinton, your husband has often been referred to as America's first black President due to his championing the fight by African-Americans in this land, but our recent polling here at Fox News has revealed that you actually score higher in recognition with African-Americans in this country.  How do you feel about being America's first black WOMAN President?"
  4. "Secretary Clinton, my staff and I have reviewed numerous video archive clips of your trip to the Balkans during the war there and we have uncovered the footage that actually shows you running and dodging the Serbian sniper fire as you landed - do you feel you have a case against CBS News and their false reporting of you fabricating that story?"
  5. "And finally Secretary Clinton, I'm just wondering if you even knew what an "email server" was back when you were Secretary of State?  It seems to me that since you traveled more miles as Secretary than any other Secretary of State in this country's history that it would almost be ridiculous that you, personally, would have any sort of technical knowledge of the sensitivity and security levels of your emails.  Weren't you counting 100% on your support staff to handle that type of detail?"



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