Friday, August 28, 2015

Islamic Terror Hits Bahrain

The country of Bahrain has always been mostly insulated from Islamic terror attacks but that is changing and a Bahrain security officer is dead due to a terrorist bomb attack.

You know, for such a small, miniscule number of radical Muslims doing these terror attacks they sure seem to get around to every country on the planet.  Don't they?

The story comes from Al Arabiya.

Bahrain security officer killed in bomb attack

One Bahraini security officer was killed and several others injured as a result of a homemade bomb attack in the village of Karana, Al Arabiya News Channel.

“The terrorist attack also resulted in wounding four other security officers, one of them critically. A citizen and his wife were also injured while they were passing as the attack happened and a child was also hurt,” Bahrain ministry of interior said on their Twitter account.

The attack comes a month after two policemen were killed and a six were severely wounded in a bomb attack in the mainly Shi’ite village of Sitra on July 28.

Sporadic protests and small-scale clashes still persist in Bahrain, while bomb attacks have increased since mid-2012.

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