Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox News' Megyn Kelly: Mercenary for America's Leftists

As you've all heard, 24 million people tuned in to the GOP debate last night.  The big show was going to feature the first time that Donald Trump would be on the big stage in a political debate - millions wanted to see his answers to the Iran deal, what he might do to pay down our debt, how he would actually end the flood of illegal immigrants and perhaps, what he would do to rebuild America's military.  But no.  We never heard any of that.  We heard Fox News' Megyn Kelly ask him about his treatment of Rosie O'Donnell.

Megyn Kelly, fresh off her marching orders from the Left in this country set about to do two things last night - instigate and dominate the debate with two Leftist talking points:  the GOP's War on Women and the GOP's disdain for the rights of a woman to control her own body.

Megyn performed as she had promised her handlers she would.  She hammered Trump in regards to his own personal "war on women" - never mind the policies that Trump would employ, no she sought the "gotcha" moment when Trump would stumble over an attack on a woman.  Then Megyn turned her sites to the issue of abortion and women's rights and her target was Scott Walker - she asked Walker if he would even support abortion if it meant the woman would die.

Most of the people of America have been waiting for six and a half years for ANY newscaster to ask Barack Hussein Obama a tough question - what happened at Benghazi/where was he that night....did he give up our guys at Extortion 17....why did he give guns to the Mexican cartels....why does he hate Jews and Israel....and on and on and on.  But no, people like Megyn Kelly have spent the last six and a half years asking Barack Hussein Obama what his favorite flavor of ice cream is or what he got Michelle for her birthday.

So, after a six and a half year wait for hard hitting questions from Megyn Kelly, she finally came through....but oh no, not directed at the Usurper, not directed at the worst most divisive failure of a President in the history of our country.  No she waited for the first GOP debate.

Believe me, Donald Trump's skin is thicker than Hillary Clinton's ankles - Kelly's "tough" question bounce off the guy like pellets off a goose's back.

But Megyn Kelly proved last night that any journalist in this country has a price.  She was bought and hopefully, within six months Megyn Kelly will be doing the morning weather report at an ABC station in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

As for Fox News and Megyn Kelly, go fuck yourselves and the horse you rode in on.

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