Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Did You Vote For Obama?

According to the latest HolgerPoll, 82% of Americans said they did NOT vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 because he was black.

The actual reasons WHY they voted for him may surprise you:

  • " I was sick and tired of $1.79/gallon gas and was hoping to pay more like $4.25/gallon
  • " I felt it was time that more than 2 million Christians across the world could be slaughtered by Muslims and not worry about America lifting a finger"
  • " Obama represented 'Change' and this country needed to change from a Constitutional Republic to a dictatorship"
  • " I was interested to see what would happen when nearly half the people in America weren't working"
  • " I wanted to see America in a worse financial situation than I was in personally"
  • " It was my one chance to see England and France and Germany and Poland and The Czech Republic and India hate America"
  • " Thought it would be cool if I would be sentenced to prison for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed"
  • " I always thought it would be really neat to see America run by a vindictive woman who was born in Iran and has 'America the Great Satan" tatooed on her ass
  • " I thought he would be the closest thing to Tiger Woods in the White House"
  • " To see someone as President who could make Joe Biden look smart"
  • " I've always wanted to have to speak Spanish to exist in America"


Anonymous said...

OO EE ... and they'll give him a third term if they can.

Always On Watch said...

Many items on the list are indeed what two terms of Barack Hussein Obama have wrought.

Are Americans blind to all this?