Sunday, July 12, 2015

There Will Be....Blood On YOUR Hands, Mrs. Klobuchar

July 12, 2015

Senator Amy Klobuchar
U.S. Senate

Senator Klobuchar:

As it is becoming clear, the Obama administration has inked a "deal" with the Iranians that will eventually or even near-term, provide them with nuclear weapons capabilities.  In the very near future, as a U.S. Senator, you will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST this agreement with the Iranians.

At this time, I want to inform you that if you vote FOR this agreement, every ounce of Jewish blood in Israel, every ounce of American blood spilled in the Middle East and every ounce of American blood spilled on our soil years ahead will be ON YOUR HANDS.  Mrs. Klobuchar, you have a daughter.  She's important to you, perhaps the love of your life.  Do you REALLY want your daughter walking through her adulthood years knowing that her mother was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent Israeli civilians?  Do you want your daughter to live a life of shame and seclusion because of what you did?

The Iranians, on this day, as this agreement is one day before announcement are holding celebration rallies where they are demanding the death of Israel and the death of America.  Give me ONE reason why you would even consider voting for this agreement.

I'm not going to threaten you with political action that will make your reelection to the U.S. Senate miserable next time around.  No, this communication is simply here to remind you that 100 U.S. Senators will bear 100% responsibility for the outcomes of Iranians mullahs in control of nuclear warheads.  We expected Barack Obama and John Kerry to willingly offer up the slaughter of Israeli Jews and Americans.  But you, Senator Klobuchar, were elected to represent this state and represent the American people.

What will be more important to you - that you can go down in history as the Senator from the state of Minnesota who voted 100% with the wishes of Barack Hussein Obama and helped massacre millions of people across the globe or will it be more important that you go down in history as a woman of principle, a woman who cared enough for Jewish babies and mothers and grandmothers in the tiny nation of Israel that you stood up to your own party's suicide mission for the world and for your country.

Which will it be Senator Klobuchar?  The blood of millions on your hands or not?

G_d Bless America,

Holger Awakens

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