Thursday, July 16, 2015

How Many American Warriors Will Die On Our Soil At the Hands of Islam?

Four dead Marines in Chattanooga.  

One more time where Islam's war on western civilization, on infidels has spilled American blood on American soil.

This isn't workplace violence.  This isn't terrorism.  This isn't Islamic terrorism.

This is war.

And it's been a fucking war since 645 A.D.

Islam delenda est


Gary Fouse said...

I noticed Bill Killian, the US Atty for E District of Tn was at the press briefing. Two years ago at a town hall in Manchester, Tn, he warned the citizens they might face arrest for speaking out against Islam. I wonder how he feels now.

Henry Bowman said...

Pray for our Marines……….

God Save the United States………….