Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Holger Reacts to Iranian Deal

HolgerAwakens ‏@HolgerAwakens 4m4 minutes ago

@AmbassadorPower Time to celebrate the 2nd Holocaust via Iranian nukes, huh Samantha. Got your party hat on?

HolgerAwakens ‏@HolgerAwakens 5m5 minutes ago

@SenFeinstein @SenatorBoxer Isn't it amazing that 2 Jewish Senators are going to sign off on the massacre of 6.5 millionJews via Iran nukes?

HolgerAwakens ‏@HolgerAwakens 18m18 minutes ago

@SenBobCorker At least Obama needs 2/3 of the Senate to approve...oh wait...he doesn't...because of u. Corker the Traitor. Blood on ur hanz

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