Monday, July 6, 2015

Greeks Celebrate Never Having To Pay Their Debts Ever Again

The Greek people have voted "No" to paying off their debts to dozens of other countries.  Watch the video as they celebrate their new found Communism where they just spend other peoples' money then stick them with the tab.

Resolution?  Boycott Greece.  Let the new Communist Prime Minister try and dig this country out of this dark hole where these people celebrating expect to work 15 hours a week and retire at the age of 45.  Let the Marxist Prime Minister deal on his own with the issue of a society that won't produce a damn thing, but wants to take and take and take.  And let the rest of Europe and the world tell Greece, "you won't see another dime from any of us ever again."

Let these people wrap themselves in their new-found Socialism...let them dance in the streets when, in six months, they won't even be able to find a loaf of bread in all of Athens. 

Go ahead and celebrate, fools.  And relish this time where your social justice means everything to you but you've forgotten what an empty belly feels like.  And let the rest of the world turn their backs on these irresponsible children and teach them the lesson that's been learned so many times before in the failures of Karl Marx.

And to Prime Minister  Alexis Tsipras... go out today and roam the hills of Greece, keep looking for that money tree, boy.  Oh and fuck you and the trojan horse you rode in on.

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Bigfoot said...

As Margaret Thatcher tried to warn everyone, the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

Nice to see you back blogging again, Holger.