Sunday, April 6, 2014

Israel Wastes No Time In Retaliating Against Latest Gaza Rocket Attack, Israeli Warplanes Strike 5 Terrorist Sites

Good for Israel.  Each rocket attack from Gaza constitutes a retaliation of 5 air strikes.   Let me continue with that model.  For each rocket attack that causes damage in Israel, 10 air strikes....for each rocket that injures an Israeli, 20 air strikes and for each rocket that KILLS an Israeli, 100 air strikes, a full blown move of military might into Gaza and the heads of all Hamas leadership on pikes lining the streets of Gaza City.

There ya go.  :slaps hands together:

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Israel launches air strikes in Gaza after rocket attack

Israeli army says several sites, including training camps for the militant Islamic Jihad and Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing, targeted in response to Palestinian rocket strikes

Israeli warplanes attacked several sites in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Sunday, sources on both sides said, hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave hit the Jewish state.

Palestinian medical and security sources said five sites in northern and southern Gaza were hit, including training camps for the militant Islamic Jihad and Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing.

The Palestinians said there were no injuries in the attacks.

The Israeli army said in a statement it "retaliated" to "ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza", targeting four "terror sites" in northern Gaza and a fifth in the south of the coastal territory.

On Saturday night, a rocket fired from Gaza hit an open area in southern Israel without causing damage or injuries, the army and police said.

According to data from the Israeli army, since the beginning of March 82 projectiles fired from Gaza hit the Jewish state.

On Thursday, four rockets fired from the Palestinian enclave slammed into the Jewish state, shortly after Israel announced it had called off the planned release of 26 Palestinian prisoners.


Nestor Lakoba said...

Is the conflict sustainable by either side?

Findalis said...

The Israelis can bombard Gaza until it is a total rubble.

Nestor Lakoba said...

True enough. But will they?

I'm thinking no.

It's a fight between technology vs demographics.

Can Israel sustain the fight? Even with superior technology? Financially they could become precarious.

Can the Arabs sustain such lop sided casualty ratios? How long before their demographics cease supporting their cannon fodder strategy?

I think peace is going to be achieved when both sides realize total victory is strategically impossible.

Findalis said...

The Arab demographic is a lie. There are more Jews being born in the land than Arabs. But why not lie and get the world to believe it.

Sooner or later either the Arabs will commit genocide or the Israelis will. It is the only outcome for the problem. But there are more Jews than Arabs. The Jews have better weapons, and a trained army. Plus God is on their side.

In the end God has stated that Israel will win.

Nestor Lakoba said...

I'm not aware of the Jewish demographic situation. I've just heard of the threat they face if they go below 75% of the overall population.

Within Israel, yes there are more Jews than Arabs, but in the surrounding areas it's the reverse.

Religion does not end wars, it starts them.

Putting too much stock on ancient mystical writings is not a strategy for success.

The God of the Israelis has stated that Israel will win. The God of the Arabs has stated the Arabs will win, and the Gods of other people around the world say their respective adherents will win. It's just what the people of those various faiths want to hear.

It's too much of a stalemate to result in Genocide.

It will end when it becomes unsustainable. Financially and otherwise.

Findalis said...

In Judea and Samaria (What the Arabs call the West Bank.) the Jewish birthrate is higher than the Arab, as is Jewish infant mortality.

Add to that poor health and first cousin marriage on the part of Arabs and you see the true demographs. You might want to read The Israel Solution by Carolyn Glick.

Nestor Lakoba said...

I will give that book a look.

But the other question arises, how many people can you fit in such a small land?

Findalis said...

Quite a few millions can be in the land.

Nestor Lakoba said...

I hope you are right. The irony of course is that, they are both the same people. Same tribe. Only a conversion in faith separates them. And they've been fighting ever since.

I suppose fighting over land is cliche by now. But an act that will go on for a long time to come.

The fear is, the sensible options are quickly running out.

Genocide is an easy word to utter. But it's a hard act to commit.

I think it will drag on until sustainability can no longer be maintained.

The Duhnmharu said...

Israel can sustain and win when they actually target the people and terror groups doing the rocket launching. When targeted killing were the rage, Hamas quickly sued for per ace and quiet after five of their leaders were wiped pout. Bombing parking lots and buildings without killing the enemy is not a strategy but a means to allow hamas and Islamic Jihad to save face keeping the conflict low intensity. The concept of wear is to attrit the enemy. ISraels responses does not do that it wastes taxpayers money only. Bomb to tie out operatives if you r4 going to bomb a training centre , wait until it is full of terror trainees then wipe it out. Don't bomb empty buildings serves no purpose