Sunday, April 27, 2014

Four British Muslim Men Sentenced For TWENTY Sexual Assaults On 14 Year Old Girl

Yet another underage British girl has fallen to the Islamic scourge in Britain - four Muslim men have been convicted of 20 sexual offenses against a 14 year old British girl.  14 years old.  How many victims of Islam will the West allow.  Each and every one of these four men should be hanged in the public square - not by a rope but the large intestine of a hog.

The story comes from Kafir Crusaders via The Religion of Peace.

Another Muslim Grooming Gang Found Guilty

Another bunch of evil Muslim paedophiles found guilty of 26 sex charges against one schoolgirl. Again this grooming gang case had escaped the media’s attention as they pick and choose what they report for community cohesion reasons. There is no place for political correctness or any kind of Muslim pandering when it comes to child abuse. The public have a right to be informed about it.

Jail For Four Men Who Sexually Attacked Girl 20 Times

5:53am 24th April 2014
(Updated 6:14am 24th April 2014)

Four Buckinghamshire men have been found guilty of twenty sex offences against one girl.

The 14-year-old was forced to take part in sexual acts and have sex a number of times between December 2011 and July 2012.

During their three week trial, Nazakat Mahmood, Ghulfaraz Nawaz, Omar Sharif and Haroon Rauf told Reading Crown Court that they thought she was 17.

But after Mahmood, Nawaz and Rauf were arrested, Sharif contacted the girl and said he’d undermine her statement.

He then blackmailed her into having sex with him.

Investigating officer Det Con Natalie Golding from Aylesbury Major Crime said:

“This was abuse of a young vulnerable girl in the most horrific way.

“All four men used this girl and then, when she had the courage to come to police, they denied the offences and continued to deny them.

“I want to thank the victim here for her bravery in coming forward and helping us to put these men behind bars.

“Hopefully this will go some way to showing other victims of sexual offences that we will listen to you and we will take you seriously.”

The full convictions are:

Nazakat Mahmood, aged 28, of Batchelors Way, Chesham was convicted of seven counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
Ghulfaraz Nawaz, aged 27, of Benham Close, Chesham, was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child.
Haroon Rauf, aged 30, of Drakes Close, Amersham, was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of assault by beating,
Omar Sharif, aged 25, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, was convicted of six counts of sexual activity with a child.

They’ll all be sentenced on May 16.

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