Sunday, March 23, 2014

Israel Uncovers "Advanced" Hamas Tunnel

The Israelis have to watch the skies each and every day for rockets from Hamas, they have to watch every inch of their border fences for infiltrators and ground attacks AND they have to search the earth below their feet for yet another way the minions of Satan can try to do them harm.

The story comes from The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Israel Uncovers "Advanced" Hamas Tunnel

Israeli military officials say they uncovered a Hamas tunnel that might be the largest yet discovered. It runs hundreds of meters into Israel from Gaza and posed "a direct link and threat to Israeli territory, and enable Hamas terrorists to reach and harm Israeli civilians."

Similar tunnels have been built with the intent of launching terrorist attacks and trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Hamas claimed this tunnel was old, but Israeli Defense Force officials say they found a generator and other building materials inside which indicated it was still under construction. They estimated that more than 500 tons of cement was used in building support arches for the tunnel, which ran 20 to 60 feet underground.

"We have no doubt we disturbed them in the middle of work," an Army source told the Jerusalem Post. "We've recently increased efforts against tunnels, and have uncovered three over the past months."

"Tunnels are an ethos for Hamas and the source of many of its operational successes," the source said. "As soon as it loses three tunnels in a number of months, that represents a major blow to it."

The IDF discovered a similar tunnel last fall that had electricity and telephone lines. Hamas diverted 24,000 concrete slabs meant for civilian construction to build that tunnel.

Tunnels played a critical part of Hamas operations until the past year. Israel has uncovered several meant for terror operations, while Egypt has destroyed hundreds of tunnels that had been used to smuggle goods and material into Gaza. The tunnels were considered a significant cog in Gaza's economy, which now is in crisis.

The IDF discovery shows Hamas makes that crisis worse by continuing to emphasize terror more than the needs of the Palestinians it is supposed to represent.


The Duhnmharu said...

This tunnel was in fact ione dicovered a few months back it was filled in by ISrael, and it was recently discovered again when hamasniks had r3emoved all the dirt to expose the tunnel anew. Perhaps a few satchel charges set off every 25 meters would do teh job once and for all. I do not understand why ISrael is not putting paid to what Hamas and ZHizbullah are doing. IS ISrael waiting for teh perfect storm when All Gaza terror groups align and Hizbullah and Al quaeda and ISIS come down from the north and Iran fired missiles. get with it bibi these are existencial threats forget teh peace talks they are not going anywhere

The Duhnmharu said...

Now I would hope we hear no more about starvation and disease and gaza being a jail. When Hamas can squander millions to built a attack tunnel from Gaza to ISrael, it has enough money to build roads hostipasl schools. No more whining. But call these tunnels what they are Attack tunnels or kidnapping tunnels let Hamas wear the moniker dont let them off by just calling them tunnels