Monday, February 10, 2014

While making a video of the "joys" of suicide bombing Iraqi militants blow themselves up

What could be more deserved than 21 militants blowing themselves up? While making a video about the "joys" of suicide bombing none the less. Too bad the video was destroyed because that might have been a video that would have gone viral on the internet.

This story comes from the Daily Mail.

Gang of 21 of Iraqi terrorists accidentally blow themselves up - while making promotional video about the joys of suicide bombing

  • -The explosion also resulted in two dozen arrests, Iraqi officials said
  • -Police officer said militants were attending lesson on making car bombs
  • -It is believed the explosion occurred when a glitch set off a device

A gang of 21 Iraqi militants accidentally set off their own car bomb as they were making a promotional propaganda video about a would be suicide bomber. 
The explosion left all 21 dead and resulted in two dozen arrests at the camp outside Samarra, a Sunni city 95 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.

In the city of Mosul to the north, meanwhile, the speaker of parliament - one of the most prominent Sunni officials in Iraq - escaped unhurt from a roadside bomb attack on his motorcade

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"Now watch closely students, I'm only going to show you this one time..."