Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo of the Day: Michelle Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon On The Tonight Show


Bigfoot said...

Chewbacca responds.

The Duhnmharu said...

THis is an insult to all Wookies . Chewbacka is not a lardassian

Xi Jingping said...

Well when you know the economic end of your nation is nigh, you might as well indulge yourself in humor.

What else is left but that, and the bottle.

The Duhnmharu said...

Well Xi it has been a while welcome back from your china vacation.

Now what does my comment about wookies have to do with economics except to get you to start trolling for replies. Really Xi if you have nothing to say that is nice about wookies, then dont post. As for Michelle she is a lardassian !

Xi Jingping said...

It's just an observation. When people know the collapse is imminent, they take to the bottle or to humor.

I wasn't on vacation. Quite the opposite.

But thank you for having me back.

Besides, you wouldn't want my comments to be dull and colorless now would you?

They have to have a little bit of jolt in them to make our debates more interesting. You wouldn't want our debates to look like a late afternoon session on CSPAN, now would you?

The Duhnmharu said...

Actually Xi i kinda found the picture amusing, and no i did not hit teh bottle or entertain teh idea of doing so. Sometime Humour by any other name is just that with nothing else attched.. Not everything needs to be a debate. You have an opinion, so do i and others as well. Some will fight tooth and nail for theirs. When I read what you post, I take it as information and that is all it is. It is info that has passed through the lenses of your life and how you have lived. Non the less it is still info. There is no like or not like just info. I take it for what it is. As i stated once before to you. America is what it is, warts and pimples and all that.. we know it. We have a lair in teh white house who should be on trial for treason... rubbing our noses in it does not make it a debate anymore, it makes it personal, Yankees dont like that. Southerners dont care because the liar in the white house is a yankee they dont trust him