Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photo of the Day: If Only Our Classrooms Were.....Smaller?

I've noticed lately how the Teachers' unions across America are now blaming every student failure and sub par testing results on the fact that their classrooms are too full...that the student to teacher ratio is just flat out too high.  Lord knows a teacher can't expect to get the job done with too many children in their class!  Right?

"The United States is living on its past. Among the oldest group in the study (those aged 56–65), U.S. prose skills rose to second place. For those attending school in the 1950s, SAT scores reached an all-time high.

For those educated in the fifties, the United States not only managed to achieve the second-highest literacy scores but, on the inequality index, scored no worse than average"




Anonymous said...

Yes but in the past students were well behaved. There was no gang or thug culture. There were no school shootings and drug consumption was rare.

You have to take these facts into account. In the past students aspired to high professions. Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, etc.

Now everyone is either looking for their 15 minutes to land their own reality TV show, or become a hip hop artist. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for the future.

The Duhnmharu said...

There was discipline in those days, teh strap or teh cane. If you misbehaved you got none or teh other. Fast forward and some parents said their little darling didn't deserve tog et teh strap or cane and political correctness stopped that process, much to the detriment of teh students. You see at teh same time parents instilled values in teh child. They knew right from wrong. School re in-forced that. Nowabays teh parents themselves lie cheat and steal and their children as well. After all if mom and dad do it its gotta be ok. So with no parental involvement, or guidance , we allow teh socialist teachers to impart their agenda on teh children, where everyone is a winner, no one loses. Unions protect the bad teachers to teh point its near impossible toge t rid of one. Bring back corporal punishment, tell teh parents to get involved in their kids lives and discipline them. Then send them to school to learn. Given CORE they wont learn much but its a start