Sunday, February 2, 2014

Car bomb kills at least three in a Shiite town in Lebanon

Lebanese civilian defense members and policemen inspect the site of a car bomb explosion in Hermel Photo: EPA

The Shiites in Lebanon are paying the price for having Hezbollah in their home towns and in their country as al Qaeda and Sunni-linked groups continue the terror in Lebanon.  Hezbollah's presence in Syria has brought the terror to Lebanon...I just hope every Shia Muslim in Lebanon knows that.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Car bomb kills at least three in a Shiite town in Lebanon

Shiite town of Hermel in northeast Lebanon victim of second bomb attack as explosion kills three people and injures 18 others

car bomb exploded on Saturday near a gas station in a Shiite town in northeast Lebanon, killing at least three people, officials said.

The bomb was the second to hit the town of Hermel, in the latest attack that appeared linked to the war in neighbouring Syria.

Lebanon's Red Crescent said three were killed and another 18 wounded. The organisation initially reported that four people were killed, but later revised the number downwards.

Footage on al-Manar television, associated with the Shiite group Hezbollah, showed a bright orange blaze as black silhouettes of people ran by. Blasts could be heard in the background. Eyewitnesses said Lebanese security was surrounding the area and preventing people from reaching it.

The blast occurred near a school run by a charity group for impoverished children, some of them orphans. An official speaking on al-Manar said no children were injured.

Lebanese groups backing different sides in Syria's sectarian civil war have carried out bombings and other attacks against each other.

Sunni militant groups have claimed responsibility for a relentless series of attacks on Shiite parts of Lebanon, including a bomb that exploded in Hermel in late January. They say it is in retaliation for the Shiite Hezbollah group sending its fighters into Syria's civil war to support forces of President Bashar Assad.

Lebanon's Sunni community has also been hit, most notably by a deadly double car bombing outside Sunni mosques in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli in August. A December car bombing in Beirut killed prominent Sunni politician Mohammed Chatah.

In a statement issued Saturday evening, the U.N. Security Council strongly condemned the attack and "underlined the need to bring perpetrators to justice."

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