Friday, February 7, 2014

CAIR-NJ to the rescue again!

H/T Dorrie:
Whenever another one of these hijab cases pops up, I can’t help but think “set up.” And it is, ultimately, even if it’s actually not technically a set up. The problem is is that even this woman loses if she wins because the only reason she even gets to work as a Muslim woman is because she’s in a Western country. So the false message goes out, even to Muslim women, that Islam is okay . . . but if Islam succeeds, no one has any freedom to do anything, let alone complain to a government even as pitifully screwed-up as ours is today that kills the golden goose of employment w/preferential treatment to employees.
WATCH: CAIR-NJ Defends Muslim Woman Sent Home, Fired for Wearing Hijab

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The Duhnmharu said...

T His article is total CAIR BS. Wearing the Hijab or any other head covering is NOT part of ANY muslim religion. They tried this stunt in Canada, and the head of the womens Muslim league went on National TV and stated " This is a personal choice to wear head covering" "No where is it written in teh Quran that you must wear a head covering" it is a personal choice.

CAIR is trying tio intimidate through litigation. I hope teh compnay calls them on their BS and if this woman wants to fight for her rights, she should first make sure that what she is fighting for is indeed a right. Wearing teh head covering is a personal choice usually forced on Muslim women by the males. Not a religious edict.