Friday, January 3, 2014

Video: The Two Worst Words In Winter....."Black Ice"


The Duhnmharu said...

every winter it never fails. Drivers IDOTS take their chariots of fire and race down teh road to get to teh stop sign ten seconds before teh next guy does. On icy days , they tailgate so close that they have no chance to avoid an accident if teh car in front has to jam on their brakes. I dont know what it is about winter, but it brings out teh stupid in drivers. Black ice is dangerous, you haven't got a chance if you hit it wrong. Why not simply slow down. It will never kill you to wait . But no, we have to cause mayhem on teh road, kill people , damage property, ruin lives. Because its winter and drivers turn to stupid every year. Slow down, you will live longer and your family and friends will thank you. Speed up and drive stupid, your wife and kids will see a cop come to the front door of your house to tell them you were so stupid you got yourself killed. Don't love your life or family, then speed on schmucks, but there are those of us that do and if you cause an accident on us, we will beat the every loving shit out of you before we call teh police.

Xi Jingping said...

I doubt a few semi-automatics and rifles will do you any good against Agenda 21. Worry more about your wallets than your guns and ammo. Can't buy your guns with a light wallet. Pay down your debt, ease the deficit and you'll feel a lot less apocalyptic.