Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life in Prison for Governor Christie! Now!

Gov. Chris Christie should simply be placed behind bars for this bridge scandal.  And in fact, this crime of his can only be met with a life imprisonment sentence in a federal prison with NO chance of parole.

Let's face it...there is NO room for bullying in politics here in America - if we turn our backs on this, what would be next?  Hell, we could have a person in power single out a religious group in this country as know, like targeting Catholics and forcing them into a huge contradiction to their religious beliefs.  Imagine the uproar over THAT kind of bullying!

At the same time, leading up to this prison sentence we certainly will require EXTENSIVE Congressional hearings and pointed questions to Christie to reveal his obvious lies and fabrications.  If we do not work diligently to uncover the truth, it will grow like a sickness across this land.  We could end up with the government running guns across our border, guns that end up killing innocents and we may never really find out what happened!  If Christie gets away with this...well, I hate to even THINK of the ramifications...we could see fabrications become the "norm" from government.  Fabrications could get so outrageous that the American people might be presented with fairy tales like a YouTube video being the cause of a terrorist attack!

Nope, we must nip this in the bud immediately!  We cannot rest until Chris Christie is sledgehammering stones in a federal prison in Wyoming - we cannot afford as a country to let ANYONE get away with lies to America and strong arm politics.




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The Duhnmharu said...

Did Christi know what was happening. Did he approve teh goings on. Was it only staffers that did teh dirty without his knowledge. If so. I understand an old lady died because help could not be delivered. Then that death belongs on teh staffers. If Christi knew then its doom on him.

If he is lying, then the Obama culture of teh big lie is becoming more pervasive in this land and democrats are to blame for allowing it to fester and grow like a cancer. Time will tell, but hard questions under oath for sure for all involved.