Thursday, January 2, 2014

Israel's Shin Bet Arrests 14 Members of Islamic Jihad Cell in Bethlehem Who Blew Up Israel Bus Last Year

 Police bomb experts at the scene of the attempt terrorist attack in Bat Yam, December 22, 2013. Photo: REUTERS/Nir Elias

Shin Bet in Israel is very thorough.  They are also very persistent.  Did I mention that they are very effective?

The story comes from The Jerusalem Post.

Security forces nab Islamic Jihad members suspected of planting Bat Yam bus bomb

Security forces have arrested 14 members of an Islamic Jihad terrorist group from Bethlehem who is suspected of blowing up a bus in Bat Yam in December 2013, it was cleared for publication on Thursday.

According to the Shin Bet, during their interrogations, the detainees admitted that in recent months the group decided to carry out a mass killing in Israel.

All together fourteen suspects were arrested.

The four central suspects arrested are Muhammad Shehadeh Shehadeh Tamari, 24, Hamadi Muhammad Shehadeh Tamari 21 and brother of Shehadeh, Sami
Omar Sami Harimi 20 and Yossef Nasser Yousef Salameh, 23.

The bomb was created by the Hamadi brothers, Shehadeh Tamari and Joseph Salameh. They used 2 kg of improvised explosives, nails and screws and attached it to a cellular operating system for remote operation.

The bomb was delivered to Sami Harimi, hidden inside in a black handbag , and on the morning of Dec 22 he traveled to the Southern Hebron hills and illegally crossed over the border.

Sami then got into the car of a Bedouin citizen of Israel and was driven, along with other men that had crossed with him, to Jaffa. After praying in a mosque, Sami got on Dan line 240, put the bomb in the center of the bus and got off the bus. A few minutes later he called the cellular device attached to the bomb to set it off.

During his interrogation Sami, who was arrested in Bethlehem on Dec 26 2013, stated his intention to commit a larger act of terror in the Tel aviv area around the same time period. His arrest prevented him from doing so.

During the interrogation of Hamadi, police uncovered 20 kg of explosives hear his home.

The investigation is still in progress and more arrests are expected.


The Duhnmharu said...

Well now they come PA area this time . They have confessed will have a trial will get to go to jail and be fed three squares, get medical dental etc. More rights that any dead Israeli would have gotten from their work. Then again with teh confession why are we having a trial at all. Stuff them in one of Hamas tunnels and collapse teh tunnel. nice quiet burial . I hope these fellas ratted out someone big so Shin Bet can have at them as well.

Xi Jingping said...

Tactical victories do not amount to a strategic breakthrough.

Do not bay and bleat over something as insignificant as this case. Israel achieves a semblance of strategic depth with Leviathan. Well almost.

Question is, even with Leviathan, what will Israel do should the USA not be able to meet its $3 billion a year requirements?

Israel's enemies have their own advantages. Time and numerical superiority. Can Israel's own technological and economic advantages overtake the advantages of its enemies? Or at least keep pace? Perhaps we will all be witness to one or the either. History is amusing to watch.

It's going to be an interesting time to live in.

Perhaps we will become Israel's new sponsor?

Maybe not. A tiny sliver of land is perhaps not worth fighting for.