Monday, January 27, 2014

Israeli jets suspected of attacking Syrian missile store

I love it.  I'd just as soon see Israel wipe out EVERY missile in Syria and when they're done with that, wipe out every damn one that Hezbollah has stored away in Lebanon.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Israeli jets suspected of attacking Syrian missile store

Israel is suspected of being behind an attack on a Syrian military base that targeted a stock of Russian-made missiles.

Storerooms holding the missiles near the port city of Latakia were hit by Israeli war planes late on Sunday, according to a Syrian opposition source talking to Israel Radio. No confirmed details of the strike had emerged last night.

Official Israeli government and military sources declined to comment on the attack. But former Israeli Defence Forces intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said any such airstrike would be in keeping with Israeli policy to intercept the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah or to Syria.

"Israel has declared four weapons system as a red line: advanced air defences, advanced and accurate ballistic missiles, surface-to-sea advanced missiles like Yakhont, and chemical weapons.

"In each case where Israel has intelligence that these are moving from Syria to Lebanon, or arriving to Syria from Iran or Russia, it seems - if the sources are right - that Israel is acting upon this," he told the Telegraph.

Residents of Latakia reported hearing loud explosions just around midnight and there were also reports of Israeli planes heard breaking the sound barrier.

Prof Uzi Rabi, a Middle East expert at Tel Aviv University, said Israel was "obligated to take action" if the Assad regime or Hizbollah obtained missiles like the S-300, which posed a threat to Israeli warplanes flying over Syria or Lebanon.

Other attacks on weapons convoys in Latakia have been attributed to Israel in the past. Last November, US sources said that Israel had destroyed a Hizbollah-bound shipment containing long-range, Russian-made missiles.

In July 2013, Israel also struck a Syrian missile warehouse near Latakia which contained Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles, according to US sources.

But that attack did not succeed in wiping out all of the weapons, American officials revealed to the New York Times.

US officials said at the time that further Israeli strikes were likely.


The Duhnmharu said...

Seems Debka has a different outcome on this story in that ISrael did not make any strike on weapons, this was a lie from Syria and palis in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

You won't love it so much when the response comes.

To every action, there is a reaction. "Israel" in its supreme arrogance and ignorance is completely devoid of any depth in knowledge of history. It makes the fundamental mistake thinking everything lasts forever.

When the money from Washington runs dry, Israel's cavalier air strikes against the sovereignty of other nations will dwindle. That is if they are not completely blinded by their arrogance and continue on as if nothing has happened.

You think just like them. You think, there hasn't been a response thus far, and hence there never will be. But why make a tit for tat response when you can really send a message of a built up one?

Don't worry, the response will come. And when it does, you will rue your arrogant words of "I love it." Because then you most certainly will not.

But please, by all means revel in your fools paradise. It will make the job of bringing you down to reality all the more easier.

Lt. Colonel(Retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

Well now retired Colonel. Seems for many decades now Arabs/Muslims/terror groups have been having at Israel trying to knock her down and out. History has shown that they have not had much success. As for the US money running out. Thats OK the US will suffer accordingly, and since the liar ion teh white house, nothing America can say can be believed. But thinking that somehow the Arabs/Muslims/terrorists will ever gert their collective act together to take a suicide run at Israel, do keep in mind there are always consequences to such actions, and payback from Israel has always been hard. Since 2006 when IAf took out Leb infrastructure, its now 2014 and they are still rebuilding.

Israel made no strike today in Syria. This is a verifiable hoax by teh Syrian rebels and teh palis in Lebanon. Seems you do get upset Retired Colonel. Thats not a good thing . You wants to enjoy your golden years not pop a gasket. Don't worry one second about ISrael. She has always taken care of herself by herself and never counted on anyone to do teh dirty deeds when they needed to be done.

Now go relax , sit back in that comfy chair and suck back a Gin and Tonic... you will have such a relaxed time.

But thanks for your service retired Colonel.

Anonymous said...

I am relaxed. And enjoying my retirement. On the contrary it's the vitriolic hatred on such blogs that leads me to believe you are anything but relaxed. In fact the higher the vitriol, the more scared you make yourself look.

Always taken care of herself, by herself? Yes I'm sure the $3 billion a year in military aid is a verifiable hoax as well. You know, a nasty rumor spread by anti-Israeli agents.

I'm a sovereignist. Truth be told, I wouldn't care wether Israel existed or not. But their imposed violation of sovereignty on surrounding countries will only put in danger their own sovereignty. Should the day come when Israel gets flooded; it will come when they have reached the pinnacle of arrogance. I don't see that scenario playing out. It won't be a 1945 rush for Berlin type of thing. It'll be a more protracted response, coupled with the acquisition of nuclear power status by us. Then Israel's gallivanting runs of sovereignty violations will come at an end.

They'll have no other reasonable choice. Like I said. When the money runs out, so will the protection and patronage of America. Money talks and....well you know the rest.

Gin and Tonic? I'm partial to Red Wine myself. The 1991 Bordeaux is truly exceptional. You should try it. Even Texan beer must become stale after a while.

Lt. Colonel(Retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

Most cheese eating surrender monkeys like teh 1991 Bordeaux. has a certain capitulation flavor nestce pas!/

As for teh 3 bn Unka Sam gone get his money worth from it as its all spent in USA . As for teh opposition getting nukes and using them, never ever forget that Israel has then as well. In fact with their neutron bombs they could if they wanted kill every living soul in Tehran leaving the infrastructure standing as ghost town ready made for palestinian refugees to move into . Iran is a hot wind, nothing more. She knows the consequences of their stupidity if they tried a dumb as dirt move like nuking Israel. The Mullahs would cease to exist and teh 12th Caliphate would not want to live in Iran after teh fallout .

I love these jihadi type spewing, gives me such a good laugh and laughter is teh best medicine. Always remember and never forget when you kick a tiger in teh ass, you had better have something real good to deal with his teeth when he turns to bite ya. Iran has nothing to deal with Israels teeth is she decides to bite the mullahs in teh ass. . even as we write my dear retired colonel Dolphin subs are off teh coats of Iran . Israel is not perfect but when you look at what she has accomplished in 65 years, you have got tom wonder whats wrong with teh theocratic states they are still locked into teh 7th century mindset. And whats this thing about 8 year old girls being married off to 30 year old men. Don't you guys love your children or is everyone a pervert. Like Mohamed for example grabbed a 12 year old and did her. Pedophilia or what. Pretty sick dont ya think my Colonel

Anonymous said...

Cheese eating surrender monkeys? Haha. I like that. So does that make you one? Vietnam and all that.

Why not spend the 3 billion in the U.S. Now? I hear the unemployed are struggling.

No no, the nuclear power status is meant to be a deterrent. Once that is achieved then we don't have to worry about an invasion. So far no country with nuclear weapons has been invaded. And the acquisition of such weapons will close the window on Israel's wish to strike us.

Any talk of an attack, nuclear or otherwise is just bluster from both sides. Politicians puffing themselves up.

I hear the prophet Moses was quite fond of very young girls. Must have been a fad back then.

So many metaphors, tigers and teeth etc.

Here's one for you to remember: if you're going to go to war, make sure you have gas money to get there.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

Johnnie said...

You mean I can't go to that store and buy a missle anymore? Sad panda.