Monday, December 2, 2013

The Prospect of World War Three

From Family Security Matters:

The Prospect of World War Three

Let me begin by saying that the deal the U.S. struck with Iran on November 24 is so criminally stupid that mobs with torches and pitchforks should be surrounding the White House and Department of State demanding that the President and Secretary of State resign.

How many times does the United States have to make really bad deals with really bad nations? And then call it progress!

In 1994, former President Clinton announced that a deal with North Korea had agreed to "freeze the major elements of its nuclear program." A new round of talks was scheduled-in Geneva-to dot the i's and cross the t's. Virtually the same language was used by President Obama in his late evening announcement of a fundamentally useless, but extremely dangerous agreement with Iran.

Worse than accepting Iran's deception, it is as if Obama knew nothing of the North Korean deal that subsequently resulted in its development of a nuclear weapon despite some costly bribery exacted for promises it never intended to keep. The worst part of this is Obama's deception of Congress and the American people. Efforts to grant Iran the status of a new nuclear power had been secretly going on for a year behind the back of Congress.

On hearing of the deal, Rep. Mike Rogers said "That's the one thing the whole world was trying to stop them from doing," referring to the permission granted to continue enriching uranium. "We made this mistake in Pakistan. We made this mistake in North Korea. History is a great judge here and great teacher. Why would you make the same mistake to a nation that will proliferate a nuclear arms race in the Middle East if they are successful at getting a nuclear weapon?"

It is important to keep in mind that not just the U.S. is a signatory to this agreement, but also the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China. It was facilitated by the European Union. The lessons of history were totally ignored. The sanctions imposed by the United Nations on Iran were ignored.

For years many have taken comfort in the knowledge that, in the past, Israel destroyed the nuclear reactors that were being built in Iraq and more recently in Syria. An attack on Iran's nuclear facilities was assumed to have the support of U.S. military power in the event that Iran would retaliate either directly or through its terrorist proxies, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

It is clear now that Obama has abandoned Israel as well as Saudi Arabia which also regards Iran as its enemy. Obama has embraced America's enemy since the Islamic revolution in 1979. He has not brought us closer to peace. He has brought the world closer to World War Three.

I am not a military strategist, but one need not be to understand Israel's peril or the limits on its ability to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, many of which are underground or heavily defended.

Here are some comparisons:

Iran has a population of 78,868,711. Israel has a population of 7,765,700.

Of these, those fit for military service are 39,556,497 in Iran and 2,511,190 in Israel.

Comparing active military personnel, Iran has 545,000 and Israel has 187,000.

Iran has 650,000 in military reserves. Israel has 565,000.

Iran's annual defense budget (in USD) is $10,687,000,000 and Israel's is $15,209,000,000.

The comparison of their military capabilities is equally daunting. A sobering analysis is offered on the website of the Jewish Virtual Library.

Even if Israel were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, it would also have to fend off massive rocket attacks from Hezbollah and Hamas.

What defies Obama's reasoning is Iran's long history of attacks on the West. It has specialized in taking hostages, initially in Lebanon from 1984 through 1992. It seized the American embassy in 1979 and held American diplomats for 444 days. It holds an American cleric as this is being written.

In 2011, the U.S. discovered that Iran had conceived and funded a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, D.C. At the time, the State Department said that the thwarted plot "underscored anew Iran's interest in using international terrorism-including the United States-to further its foreign policy goals."

Obama's ability to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions and its intent to become a Middle East hegemon through diplomacy does not exist.

A race to acquire nuclear arms has begun in the region where Israel and Pakistan already have them, as does India and China. Saudi Arabia has announced its intent to secure nuclear weapons.

One can only conclude that this interim agreement is a repeat of the appeasement that occurred in Munich when European nations sought a similar agreement with the Nazi regime. The lessons of history are unforgiving.


The Duhnmharu said...

How did That liar in teh White House get the UK, France, germany, Russia and China all to sign on to support this suckers deal and make no mistake it is a suckers deal. Iran will within the next six months grace this deal afford them will tell the world they are now nuke capable. Mark those words please and thank you. It would seem that teh P5 + 1 are all intelligent people whose presidents etc are smart people. How did they get hoodwinked into this dogs breakfast of an agreement. ISrael is being shanghaied into this, Obama wants Netanyahu to shut up and stop criticizing him. Well I wish there were more Netanyahu in the world who would shout out the emperor has no clothes. This is a bad deal all around. ISrael may very well have to smack down Iran. It wont be easy, but it must be done. Perhaps teh Saudi hate Iran more than they hate Jews that they will join the ISraeli Air force in bombing Iran Nuclear facilities and teh sooner teh better.

No country including the USA or teh P5+1 have teh right to put another countries people in jeopardy, and that is exactly what Obama , Kerry and the other liars in the White house have done. They have left ISrael fully exposed to Iranian Nuclear strike God damn America. Until Obama is impeached or resigns, America is guilty in teh future genocide of ISrael. Each and every one of you, and that is very hard for me to put out there.

Anonymous said...

As long as injustice prevails in America, as represented by the continued imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard, now well beyond a quarter of a century in jail, based on nothing but base hatred of the Jew, when the very worst spies for enemy states would long ago have been freed, America will remain in a tailspin. If America insists that Israel release terrorists from her prisons, hundreds of them, and will meanwhile NOT release Pollard, America will in the end suffer for this policy. God is a God of justice, and there is no way around that fact.

The Duhnmharu said...

The words God and Justice do not play into The vocabulary of teh Muslim in teh white house. To get elected he swore to all he was a Christian. Now he swears he is a Muslim. It was all taquiya . Well his time is numbered, his four years will be over and good riddance Americans will think four times before they put another black president in charge. Thanks so much Obama. 2016 will be interesting if Iran doesn't blow us up with a nuke before hand.