Monday, December 2, 2013

No Deportation For Somali Scum Caught Anally Raping Dead Woman (Sweden)

I guess ALL women are fair game for the followers of Mohammed.

The article comes from Look Under the Burka of Islam via The Religion of Peace.

No Deportation For Somali Scum Caught Anally Raping Dead Woman (Sweden)

The Somali accused of raping a dying woman and then proceeded to have intercourse with her ​​dead body will remain in Sweden. It is clear then prosecutor Daniel Jonsson chosen not to press for deportation.

Free Times wrote the day before yesterday about the 34-year-old man from Somalia who is accused including two rapes and crimes against griftefriden(disturbing the grave).
According to a lawsuit that prosecutor Daniel Jonsson gave to the Stockholm District Court last week, her husband raped a sleeping, drunk woman anally on August 13 this year.
Subsequently, the man, already following month, have been guilty of another rape. According to the indictment he raped September 27 a woman in a parking garage for the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm.

Good luck,Sweden,with prosecutors like this,you are really going to need it!

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The Duhnmharu said...

It would not offend me is some enterprising soul in Sweden used some of those well made rifles and pumped a 6.5 x 55 round into the Somali fucker. Justice then would have been served. He just could not resist raping. He made a conscious decision to attack and rape more than once. It was is he felt he had a right to do this. By Islam he may well have that right. But this isn't an Islamic shithole like Somalia where he came from. Wake up Sweden your women are teh lawful prey of Muslims. If White Swededs will not stand up to protect their women who will. Swedes protected their women from teh Nazi hoards but for some reasons Muslims get a pass. Must be teh Obama Syndrom

The fucker needs hearts and minds. Two in teh chest one in the head then stuff him into a 50 gallon drum and post the sack of shit to Somalia. One less rapist in what used to be a good country