Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Sunday. Which Means It Is the Day Boko Haram Kills In Nigeria. 8 Dead This Time Around.

Sundays are usually guaranteed for two things - a wave of bombings across Iraq and Boko Haram goes on an Islamic killing spree in Nigeria.  Today, Boko Haram didn't break the routine...still waiting on Iraq.

The story comes from Times of India.

Nigeria Islamists kill eight in bachelor party attack

MAIDUGURI: Suspected fighters from Islamist group Boko Haram opened fire on a bachelor party in northeast Nigeria, killing eight people and wounding several others, witnesses said on Sunday.

Boko Haram is fighting to impose strict Sharia or Islamic law in mostly Muslim northern Nigeria and has become a serious threat in the oil-producing Niger Delta.

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan ordered an all out offensive against the northeastern rebels in Africa's leading energy exporter. Though they retreated into a hilly area around the Cameroon border, the rebels have since stepped up attacks on both soldiers and civilians.

"Three Boko Haram members came on motorcycles at about 11 yesterday night," Abdul Usman told Reuters in the main northeastern city of Maiduguri, where he fled after escaping the attack on Tashan Alade village. "They were shooting indiscriminately."

Nigerian forces have stepped up the offensive against the rebels in the past few days after Boko Haram fighters armed with grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns attacked an army barracks in the town of Bama.


Nino Kipiani said...

Shouldn't there have been perhaps a different approach long before terrorism took root? Abject poverty breeds ignorance which is fertile ground for terrorism to flourish.

Education and economic development often produce good results in societies. So instead of reacting with bombs and bullets after terrorism has taken root, why not pre-empt it with development? Dig a well, construct a road, build a school, open a library. Instead of throwing money down a never ending hole, giving it to despots to keep the peace, make it conditional. Money, for development. Give the money to The Peace Corps. Let them hold the purse strings to development, as opposed to corrupt local middle men.

It's less financially costly than military aid or intervention.

So why not? If successful it could be a roadmap for other neighboring countries to adopt. And in return they will reward you with a peaceful region and local stability, opening the door to trade and business between the United States and country X, chosen to be helped in development and ward off future terrorism.

The Duhnmharu said...

Boko Haram is a hard core Islamist terror group. Sending in Peqace corp will only provide them with more experience in cutting off heads. Boko Haram is out to impose Sharia law anywhere it can. Thus what you propose is in effect appeasement. Poverty has nothing to do with Bokom Haram in that it follows a very viiolent doctrine called ISlam. It is an ideology not a religion. They kill infidels. Infidels is anyone who is not Muslim.

Rooting out Boko haram, finding them, and killing them. Don't bother taking prisoners, they cant be reformed. Problem is Nigeria has a piss ant military . Until Nigeria steps up their game, Boko haram will continue to kill infidels (Christians) Until Christian arm themselves and fight back, Boko haram will continue to bleed Nigeria dry.

Nino Kipiani said...

Well yes it would be too late to send in development teams now. My point was, why not send them before groups like Boko Haram come into the picture?

And Nigeria is just one example of poverty related ignorance and frustration manifesting itself in terrorism or ethnic cleansing.

There are nearby neighbors of Nigeria, like Cameroon that may soon feel the expanded presence of terrorism. Why not choose say that country for a concerted development drive. That way in 10 years you won't be spending money on bullets and bombs to root out entrenched terrorism. Terrorists, of every stripe religious or nationalist thrive on a corrupt, poor, and ignorant environment. They use the frustration people have with such an existence to recruit and fundraise.

But development takes away the elements needed for terrorism to thrive. Development makes people less desperate for radical solutions.