Tuesday, December 3, 2013

20 Syrian Civilians Killed By Syrian Army Helicopters Dropping Barrel Bombs

Nobody said that Islamists and jihadists fight fair.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

At least 20 killed by helicopter barrel bomb attack in Syria

Syrian army helicopters are reported to have bombarded the northern rebel-held town of Al-Bab for a second day.

Footage posted online shows the aftermath of attacks with civilians trying to flee fires while others carry the wounded to waiting ambulances.

Twenty people including four women were killed when the improvised barrel bombs were dropped on the market district of the town. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll could rise as many people were seriously wounded in the attack.

It comes just a day after 26 people were killed in a similar assault on the same town by president's forces.

Barrel bombs are oil drums filled with explosives. They are usually rolled out of the back of helicopters and as such are rarely delivered with any accuracy. The bombardment comes at a time of heavy fighting in the country, particularly around Aleppo. More than 100,000 people have been killed in the two-and-a-half year conflict.


The Duhnmharu said...

Unfortunate The West most specifically the USA did not tomohawk Syria even just a little. Assad is feeling quite secure now and safe with teh quisling in teh white house having hoisted the white flag. Now who is teh cheese eating surrender monkey????? Let me help you starts with a O and ends with an A

Hugh Conway said...

Why fight Assad? When the alternative is Al-Qaeda? Let him fight them. Assad is the lesser of two evil enemies.

The Duhnmharu said...

Assad may well be teh lesser of two evils, bet 100,000 dead people would disagree. I can only pray that Assad gets whacked or gets teh noose from teh Court in teh Hague, or will Obama want to whitewash Assads responsibility and give him a free pass as he does other muslims

Hugh Conway said...

I would hardly call Assad a Muslim. His government is staunchly secular and even Socialist, less so than his father in the latter. Look at his wife. She looks like the wife of any Western Leaders' wife. Not even a Hijab on her. Does that look like the wife of a Muslim? A devout one? Yeah he's killed 100,000, but if any you had only a choice between Assad and Al-Qaeda you'd flock to his secular dictatorship. And I don't see how what Assad does within Syria is any of our concern. He has never directly challenged or attacked America. Israel has bombed him 4-5 times in as many years and he hasn't responded. Meaning he's rational. People like Assad are content to tend to their little fiefdoms. I'd rather have him in charge than a group who's at war with the whole world.

Besides he's an Alawite Shia. To 90% of Muslims he's an apostate. He's about a genuine Muslim as Obama is....(Why not joke a bit).