Thursday, November 21, 2013

Worthless Concessions

With Obamacare falling apart, and new scandals arising every other week (soon to be weekly), and his foreign policy going South faster than a Cheetah on crack, President Barack Hussein Obama needs a "victory" somewhere with anyone fast.  In this case it will be a atrocious agreement with the Mullah's of Iran.
From Debka

The Iranian negotiators face the delegations of six world powers in Geneva Thursday, Nov. 21, with strict orders not to give ground on the two major sticking points holding up a first-step deal on their nuclear program: The heavy water reactor under construction at Arak for producing plutonium and Iran’s “right” to uranium enrichment. If Iran gains those two points, whatever concessions its negotiators may come up with are worthless, because they will leave Tehran in possession of two optional nuclear weaponizing tracks instead of one - plutonium as well as enriched uranium.

debkafile’s sources report that Tehran is fighting tooth and nail for Six-Power acknowledgement of its “right to enrich uranium” – ostensibly to come away from Geneva with a “historic feat” to show the Iranian people that the economic hardship they suffered under economic sanctions was worth the candle.

But concession of this “right” has a more sinister purpose: It would give Iran’s nuclear aspirations the enormous boost of an international license to keep its uranium enrich facilities, including the underground plant in Fordo and the centrifuge production line, fully intact and ready to go at any time.

The infrastructure already standing, say US intelligence sources, is capable of topping up enriched uranium stockpiles already in hand to the amount needed for five nuclear bombs in less than a month – 26 days is the number often cited. The second option of plutonium would also be available when the Arak reactor is finished.

US, Russian and British sources are presenting the gap in the resumed Geneva talks Thursday as minor and bridgeable.

debkafile’s sources say they are just playing for time to chip away at a draft accord that by its nature would be a compromise solution which gives ground to Tehran.

And what compromise can be expected when Washington failed to challenge Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s avowal on Day One of the Geneva talks that Iran will not step back “one iota” from its nuclear rights, and his grotesquely barbaric rant against Israel as “the roguish, filthy, rabid dog of the region,” whose regime is “doomed to extinction?”

This degraded language, not heard since the Nazi German era, informed the Obama administration in the harshest terms that for the sake of a deal, Iran will not give an inch under pressure, whether from economic sanctions or from Israel and parts of the American Jewish leadership.

Khamenei also blasted US government as unworthy of trust.

If President Barack Obama was serious in his often repeated commitment to Israel’s security, he ought to have protested in some way against Khamenei’s unspeakable rhetoric, possibly even delaying the proceedings before they started their second day in Geneva. But the Iranian leader apparently got away with it, judging from the Obama administration’s mild response – a senior US official said it was “uncomfortable,” but did not condemn it as unacceptable like the French President Francois Hollande, and the British Foreign Secretary William Hague declined any comment at all, fearing to rock the boat in Geneva.

Their evasions told Tehran that Washington and London are so hooked on closing a deal at this time that they can be trusted to find some way around the Arak and enrichment hurdles to reach their goal.

The French team alone stood out in Geneva against Iran’s continuing construction of the Arak reactor, arguing that possession of this facility would nullify any other concessions Tehran might offer.
The military has reminded Obama that their readiness has been destroyed by his policies towards the military and that they cannot mount an attack on Iran to stop them.  Thus the need for an "agreement".

The last time John Kerry tried to sign a bad agreement with Iran the French stopped the agreement.  But with many companies already gearing up to supply Iran, the French will not do the same again.  After the the P5+1 nations will not be living under an Iranian nuclear bomb.  Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc... are!  But to Barack Hussein Obama and his pro-Iranian advisor Valerie Jarrett, the only thing that is important is that Obama looks good right then.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are talking about a mutual security pact.  Israel is worried and Saudi Arabia is scared.  Just one thing, is Israel worried enough to try and stop Iran?


Vladimir Putin said...

16th in wages
20th in GDP per capita
25th in education
51st infant mortality
27th in middleclass wealth
91st in distribution of wealth
21st in life expectancy
16th in percent of population with college education
1st in percent of population in prison
25th infrastructure
1st in trade deficits..
High tech, food, clothing trade deficits. we don't feed our cloth ourselves anymore, nor even make our computers and TV sets or phones, semiconductors or appliances..
1st in declining wages and shrinking middleclass...

Maybe you should worry about your own internal problems. Instead of worrying what Iran does.

Anonymous said...

Vlad, if we don't worry about what Iran is doing we might not have NUTTIN' to worry about at all.

It and we will have been nuked.

The Duhnmharu said...

Putin is red herring everyone. Iran must not keep their uranium in country. Arak must shut down, fordo must cease spinning. Not negotiable . Anything other than a yes can trigger a full on assault to shut down to those items. It will be costly in lives and infrastructure but to keep teh world safe from the likes of Iran who pays and arms terror groups and uses them as proxies , it needs to be done.

Vladimir Putin said...

Iran hasn't attacked another country in 200 years. But they're a threat? Got it!

What a laugh you guys are. It's not hard to get a kick out of your posts.

Iran must this, and Iran must that. Whoa easy there cowboys. Iran is a sovereign nation with nuclear rights like everybody else. I guess it must be hard to push around a nation with nukes. No wonder Iran covets them.

Speaking of Proxies...Iran has one major proxy. Hezbollah, it's no secret really. But why don't you tax paying, hardworking American voters talk about American and Israeli proxies? That's where some of your hard earned tax dollars go to.

Let's talk about MEK, Jundallah, PJAK, Caucasus Emirate, etc.

No? Too close to the truth for comfort? I thought so.

Let me ask you guys this then. Pakistan has had nukes for 15 years. Why haven't they used them against India already? Pakistan: The Epicenter of anti-American, anti-Israeli, and anti-Hindu virulent hatred has not used their nukes, directly or indirectly to target other countries. Why hasn't the much ideologically compromised ISI given a dirty bomb to one of their proxies to use against the West, Israel or India?

If Pakistan a nation with some of the most Islamic extremist population on earth hasn't done this, why would Iran?

Holger Awakens said...

"Maybe you should worry about your own internal problems. Instead of worrying what Iran does.

Maybe you should worry if this is your last comment on this blog.

:Holger Danske

Vladimir Putin said...
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Findalis said...

Welcome back Holger. I did try to keep this up for you.

@ Vladimir

Iran can't feed its people, has an army that couldn't even defeat Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and nothing works. No medicine, no money, no food. Yet they can build a nuclear program? Let the people eat Uranium.

Holger Awakens said...

thanks Findalis - you did great, it's much appreciated

:Holger Danske

Vladimir Putin said...

Hello Mrs. Findalis. I'm sure none of the crippling sanctions levied upon the Iranian economy have nothing to do with the financial hardships that Iranians face. Like the sanctions that affect cancer patients and radiology equipment. Or the sanctions on its oil industry that supply Iran with money. It's easy to talk when you don't face the same hardships you so unilaterally impose on others.

Iran was attacked by Saddam's armies. It started the war at a disatvantage. And yet it recovered all lost territory and even pushed Iraq back into its own soil. The same Iraqi army being supplied by the USA. The same Iraqi army gassing Iranians and Kurds to death. The same Iraqi army being led by Saddam, shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld in 1983. Yet 20 years later it was the same Rumsfeld who so warmingly shook hands with Saddam, calling for the ouster of the latter.

Apparently North Korea can build a nuclear program. And they've had actual famines. Pakistan has a lower HDI than Iran and yet they too have a nuclear program. India has over 10 times the population of Iran, with far more mouths to feed and they have a nuclear program as well.

Iran has a higher HDI than Pakistan, no famines like North Korea, all this under sanctions....but they're not allowed the right to a nuclear program?

Let the people eat uranium? What are you the 21st century Marie Antoinette? History has shown what happens to people with such disregard for the hardships they have imposed on others.

You still didn't answer my question from my last post.

Why hasn't Pakistan: The epicenter of Islamic Fundamentalism used its nukes directly or indirectly via a proxy to attack India, the West, and Israel?

And why would Iran choose to do the opposite? A far more educated and culturally older/richer nation?

Findalis said...

The people of Iran got the government they wanted. 30 years ago they chose the Mullahs and this is the result of that choice. if they have hardships it is their own fault, nobody else's fault.

They want a nuclear program to dominate first the Middle East then the world. All that in order to bring back the 12th Imam. Only a child believes in fairy tales like the 12th Imam. I suppose he resides next to Santa Claus. They both are fantasy creatures.

Bigfoot said...


Why hasn't Pakistan used their nukes against India? Maybe it's because they know that India has nukes, too. It's a smaller-scale version of the Mutually Assured Destruction that prevented your old Soviet Union and the United States from nuking each other.

Why would Iran attack the West or Israel when Pakistan hasn't? Because the Iranian regime thinks that if they start such a war, it will bring back the 12th Imam (as Findalis pointed out). Pakistan, on the other hand, has no such ideas, since its people adhere to a different sect of Islam.

Vladimir Putin said...

Uhhh no. The sanctions were unilaterally enforced. The Iranian people didn't choose that. How would you like it if sanctions were enforced against America for electing Barack Obama? Twice!

Only a child believes in the 12th Imam? What's so different from believing in any of thousands of deities constructed by man over the centuries and Millenia? Don't your Evangelical Pastors like Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell believe that nuclear war in the Middle East will hasten the second coming of Christ?

If the 12th Imam is a figment of childlike imaginations(I agree), then why aren't Elijah? Or Jesus? The Iranians say the 12th imam will reappear. Christians say Jesus will reappear. Both with equal amount of empirical evidence for their statements: ZERO.

The Iranian regime is theocratic while the people are not. In Pakistan the government is secular(at least on paper) but the people are much more fundamentalist and much less educated than in Iran.

That's right Bigfoot. MAD(Mutually assured Destruction). And Iran like its more fundamentalist neighbor to the South West would follow the parameters of MAD.

Adhere to a different sect of Islam? Are you saying Al-Qaeda and The Taliban(both harbored) by the Pakistani establishment do not adhere to an apocalyptic ideology? Haven't they tried hitherto unsuccessfully to acquire dirty bombs? I do believe Pakistan along with Saudi Arabia and UAE, all three U.S. Allies were the only countries to recognize the Taliban government. Iran on the other hand almost went to war with the Taliban in 1998. Only to be dissuaded by America.

I think sooner or later Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. Even if they have to ship the warhead piece by piece to North Korea and try a successful detonation there.

Israel is just wasting its time by being so shrill about the matter. Not to mention losing political capital/clout.
It has 300-400 nuclear warheads, and a very advanced missile defense system; Iron Dome, Patriot Missiles, The New David Slingshot being built. This isn't about the threat from a handful of Iranian nukes. It's about the fact that no country with nukes has ever been invaded by a conventional force. And Iran is prime real estate property for those itching for a fight. But with nukes in the Iranian arsenal? It's a whole new ball game.

Findalis said...

Only a child believes in the 12th Imam?

A child and every Mullah in Iran. Keep this in mind that the Mullahs rule the nation and not the President. He is a figure head.

I think the day that Iran tests a nuke is the day Iran dies. A nuclear Iran is a very dangerous thing.

Vladimir Putin said...

So a child and every adult in the Bible Belt believes in Jesus. A child and every adult in Orthodox communities in Israel believes in Elijah. Still no different from what the Iranians believe.

I know the Mullahs rule. That's no secret. Except this current President is also a Mullah.

Yeah I doubt that. Iran is going to test a weapon, and Israel is going to huff and puff. Maybe the sanctions will be tightened. But they'll ride through them.