Monday, November 18, 2013

Why the Iranians Are Using John Kerry For the Stall

The story comes from The Clarion Project.

What Stalling for Time Will Buy Iran

Had France not balked, the P5+1 group of world powers might have allowed Iran to get its foot in the door of the nuclear-armed clubhouse.

“One wants a deal,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Sunday in Geneva as the latest round of negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program broke up, “but not a sucker’s deal.”

Indeed, that’s exactly what the Islamic Republic has been playing the world powers as — suckers — for years and years as it seeks to buy time to develop nuclear weapons and force the West to accept its nuclear status as a fait accompli.

Iran’s latest bait-and-switch ploy began earlier this year as the regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his ruling cadre of mullahs changed tactics to buy the precious time needed to complete their goal of becoming the undisputed power in the region. They have mastered the nuclear fuel cycle and are steps away from nuclear weaponization.

The new tactics to achieve that? Present a new face of Iran to the world, one of sincere moderation and reasonableness, someone unlike the boastful bully, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

So the mullahs settled on Hassan Rouhani to become the new president in June’s elections. Mr. Rouhani would give the Iranian people something to hope for, someone who would change course and help end the crush of the staggeringly strict sanctions. The Iranian economy is on the brink of collapse and so too, feared the mullahs, might their reign be. That fear is so palpable that the theocracy has drawn up plans to deploy Revolutionary Guard, Basij and internal security forces against its own people to brutally suppress any uprising against the worsening economic crisis.

No one is allowed to run for president of the Islamic Republic unless he will further the goals of the theocracy. Those who try to run without the mullahs’ blessing are either jailed or executed. While Mr. Rouhani ran as a moderate, he is exactly what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This wolf tried to pull the wool over the world’s eyes. Media around the world hailed him as a moderate and welcomed a change in Iran’s direction. The new president went to New York in September and told the United Nations General Assembly what it wanted to hear, and Mr. Rouhani even had a phone chat with President Obama.

The stage was set for the latest bait and switch. First, a hint was given to the world powers that the time was right for a deal that would end the standoff and sanctions. The bait was set. The world powers sent their deputy foreign ministers to Geneva for the latest round of talks to work out the details.

Then Iran switched. It demanded what it had previously demanded: the right to enrich uranium and the right to expand its nuclear facilities, all the while working to bring a plutonium facility at Arak online, which would give it a second path to nuclear weapons.

Startled, Secretary of State John Kerry and his foreign minister counterparts rushed to Geneva to save the “deal.” Intense negotiations into early Sunday morning failed. Iran was intransigent — but so was France.

Back-channel negotiations and secret meetings between the Obama administration and Iranian officials representing the views of the supreme leader go back to 2009. At that time, Iran was subject to several U.N. sanctions conditioned on its suspension of all uranium enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, which had producted 1,200 kilograms of low-enriched uranium at its Natanz facility. The regime agreed to move forward with negotiations.

The high-level talks in Geneva in October 2009 seemed promising when the Iranian delegates agreed to the terms of the P5+1 group to export 75 percent of its enriched uranium and to allow further inspection of its nuclear facilities. As millions of Iranians took to the streets demanding change, the proposed agreement gave the regime enough time to suppress its own people, torturing and killing many while the free world watched.

Early in 2010 when the threat of uprising was over, the regime announced that the terms agreed to in Geneva were no longer acceptable and that now they had also mastered enriching to the 20 percent level, which is 80 percent of the way to weaponization.

This time, the P5+1 wants Iran to suspend its nuclear program for six months in return for the easing of some minor sanctions. No, the Iranians said. We want all sanctions ended on our oil and banking industries. We might curb enriching uranium to the 20 percent level, but that’s it.

The race for time is on. Iran needs the oil and banking sanctions ended to prevent the imminent collapse of its economy and an uprising of its people. It would buy more time to work on weaponization with the enriched uranium it already has.

Today, Iran has more than 19,000 centrifuges and over 10 tons of low-enriched uranium, along with more than 400 pounds of highly enriched uranium at the 20 percent level, which can be converted to weapons grade within weeks. It also has over 1,000 ballistic missiles in heavily fortified facilities and many on mobile vehicles.

This is what time has already bought. Now Iran is stalling for even more time.


The Duhnmharu said...

France is taking the right and correct course. US foreign policy is based on Obama,s neefd for a victory whayever teh cost. Iran needs to continue to be sanctioned even harder. "Never do your enemy a small injury" People will revolt in Iran as they tried before. However they will succeed. Seems Obama does not want them to succeed. Kerry is a pompous windbag with a overblown sense of self importance. he rode into Geneva going to save teh deal. The Suckers Deal Obama put together and got the allies to say Jawhol to. All except France who is standing her ground no sucker deals please and thank you. How can teh international community fall in line behind Obama, surely they must see how he has lost teh Middle east , how he has no teeth and is wearing no clothes. Morally and ethically bankrupt and somehow he will save us. Hell no he is a accomplished liar and has lost teh moral authority to lead not only America but the world.

Findalis said...

Obama needs a diversion from the disaster of Obamacare. So he will destroy Israel in order to get the media to shift their focus.

His next move will be to prepare the military to invade Israel.

The Duhnmharu said...

Obama sending in forces to invade Israel. That would be a very costly fpr US troops in terms of lives lost. It would not be US troops against some Podunk in Afghanistan, it would be USA vs the entire state of Israel, every man and woman a trained soldier. The Lives US troops would lose against a powerfully armed and highly trained group of professional soldiers would be staggering the US public has no stomach for lives lost and Israel would be fighting for survival so while each dead Israel is worth ten US soldiers, it is fight or be wiped out. It is a wonder Israel does not trust Obama with thoughts like this. The Liberty would be a sideshow compared to the destruction wrought on US ships, troops and equipment. Israeli pilots train on a three to one ratio compared to US pilots , the US may very well be a case of the mouse that roared. But again only Obama would do such a stupid folly and I would hope his Generals would warm him against it. Then again USA war games such scenarios against all countries. It would not be teh cakewalk Obama thinks it would be. Israel has some nasty technology that has not been in teh public eye and that teh US has no clue about. It would be a very costly affair. In teh end if it looked like Israel was losing, there is always teh Sampson option which would wreak havoc on US assets . But an interesting scenario. Israel can cal;l up half a million men in three days, US would have to transport their to teh theater of battle and would need to land in Egypt or Saudi or Syria to refuel And none of them are on speaking terms with teh Anointed Obama so the invasion would be dead before it starts