Saturday, November 9, 2013

Video: Footage of Muslims Shooting and Killing Russian Liquor Store Owner


Vladimir Putin said...

Maybe if your CIA and other intelligence agencies like MI6 and Mossad stopped using these animals as strategic proxies against Russia, these kinds of crimes would not occur.

AIPAC and their friends would love nothing more than to carve up Russia, starting with the North Caucasus. That's what the Jewish Oligarchs like Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky were doing in the 90's. All the while holding Israeli passports and swearing allegiance to Israel, but living in Russia and stripping it bare.

Look at them now!!! A true Orthodox Christian Patriot like our President Putin, put those leeches in their place and kept Russia from splitting up even further.

It's only a matter of time before we retaliate and give Hezbollah state of the art weapons. You arm the Caucasus Emirate? We'll arm your enemies. Back off!! We tolerated your lot in the chaos of the 90's, when we were naive. Not anymore.

The Duhnmharu said...

Vlad you need to lay of the Stolnishkya, its affecting your view of teh world. So I expect now Some entreprisiong russian will pay back teh mooks for this killing. Its fair dinkum, they understand strength and they understand fear. Feel bas for teh Riskie. But seriously Vlad ol boy get some help for that will ya

Vladimir Putin said...

Yeah sure. I wonder how you all would feel if we supported some Mexican Marxist proxy insurgent group in the American SouthWest. I'm sure you'd be just peachy!

Doku Umarov is a puppet. He doesn't know it. Unlike the Oligarchs of the 90's, he doesn't take his cue directly from Washington. He gets it from Dubai, who themselves get it from Washington. AIPAC foreign policy, Oil Sheikh money and a puppet like Doku Umarov are the ingredients stirred up to destabilize Russia 's southern border.

Fortunately for us, we have a President with balls of steel who since 1999 has been squashing the Muslim infestation. Unlike your President that gives those hordes a free hand .