Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Video: America Gets Its First Glimpse Of Nancy Pelosi's Mothering Techniques


The Duhnmharu said...

That was a dumb as dirt thing to do to a young girl like that. Once it was asked on this forum if Americans are stupid. This video answers the question. YES beyond a doubt. The mother needs a good swift kick in teh ass for what she did to that poor girl.... make that two good hard swift kicks in teh ass. Talk about being defective DNA that lardassian woman is both dumb and fat , but hey she is willing to traumatize her kids any time. perhaos children aid would have something to say about that. For gods sake the little girl is way to young tom appreciate the humour in a fright like that. But her mum is one fat stupid woman.

Findalis said...

That was nasty! She was too young for that trick. Now Halloween will not be a fun thing for her but one of terror.