Sunday, November 10, 2013

So, In the End, It Was the French Looking Out For the West NOT America, In Iran Nuclear Talks?!!

Another day has broken when every American should be looking for a paper bag to put over their head in shame as Secretary of State, John Kerry, tried his best to throw away the safety and freedom of the Western world to appease the madmen mullahs of Iran but it was the French who decided to insert some sanity into the scenario and come to the conclusion that there might need to be some checks on the Iranian regime.

It looks like the negotiations are dead at this point but don't put it past Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry to pull some rabbit out of their asses to reignite the talks again so their dream of America and western Europe living under the Islamic Crescent will come true.

The story comes from CNBC.

Talks for Iran nuclear deal end without agreement

After several days of optimistic reports that negotiations with Iran were on track to produce the first agreement in a decade to freeze its nuclear program, the talks ended early Sunday without an agreement, the French foreign minister said.

The talks hit a snag on Saturday with a French objection that the proposed deal did not do enough to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Even as American diplomats made a final push for an agreement late Saturday, the marathon talks laid bare the challenge of drafting a deal that would satisfy both the Iranians and a group of major powers with their own interests and agendas.

Secretary of State John Kerry huddled for hours with Iran's foreign minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, as the United States struggled to close gaps on issues like curbing Iran's uranium enrichment program and a nuclear reactor, under construction, that will produce plutonium.

Signs of division first emerged when the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said a draft of a potential deal was unacceptable to France and there was no certainty that this round of negotiations would lead to an agreement. "We are hoping for a deal, but for the moment there are still issues that have not been resolved," he told France Inter radio.

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His comments came amid a whirl of diplomatic activity, with Mr. Kerry and foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China engaged in round-robin meetings with Mr. Zarif and the European Union's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, who is overseeing the talks. Mr. Kerry also met with the Russian foreign minister,Sergey V. Lavrov.

Mr. Zarif insisted there had been progress, though he conceded that the diplomats might leave this round empty-handed. "That won't be a disaster," he said in an interview with the BBC, "because we have started an important process and, provided that we can continue this process and try to reach positive results, I think we've done extremely important work."

Hopes that a deal was at hand surged when Mr. Kerry cut short a trip to the Middle East to fly to Geneva on Friday. But he, too, sought to temper expectations, saying after he arrived that an agreement had not yet been reached and that gaps needed to be narrowed. On Saturday, Mr. Kerry made no further comment before a two-hour meeting with Mr. Zarif.


The Duhnmharu said...

It is now of paramount Importance for Americans to push to find out what Obama has in his agreement bag with Tehran. If this sack of BS and lies was opened, Americans of all stripes would be disgusted with teh betrayal of American safety and what Barry has done to pour allies. Our Allies need to throw Obama under teh bus so he gets a clear picture of what is not acceptable. How now Barry see where lying gets ya. No deal thanks to France. The cheese eating surrender monkeys came through in teh clinch to shut these farce negotiations down. Well done France. Vive la France

Findalis said...

Obama wants a deal so he doesn't have to do a military action. Any deal will do for that bastard.