Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo of the Day: Shepards of Suicide





Vladimir Putin said...

You see? This is called mature international relations. No whining. No threats or use of force. Just two countries settling accounts like mature nations do.

Anonymous said...

OMFG !!!!!

You CAN'T be that flippin' stupid.

Please tell me that was written tongue in cheek......


Vladimir Putin said...

Anonymous, was that directed at me?

If so, then both. It's tongue in cheek and real.

The Duhnmharu said...

Debka reports that Obama has secretly raised Iran to 7th world power and will be his go to boy for all things Middle east. If that is teh case and it appears indeed to be teh case , Israel and Saudi will be apoplectic.

What is Obama thinking to do such a stupid move and to do it in secret. I can not wait until Friday when ISrael outs Obama on all aspects on teh "sucker deal of teh century" While it is not nice to out other countries secrets, Obama has been pouting Israel not for some time. He will get his in spades, and hopefully American people will see this interloper for what he is. I can not believe that he would raise Iran to a 7th power. Unbelievable.

The Duhnmharu said...

Jerusalem, Riyadh stunned: Obama makes Iran 7th world power on regional issues, including Palestinians
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 25, 2013, 10:04 PM (IDT)
Tags: Barack Obama, US-Iran, US-Israel, US-Saudi Arabia, Middle East,
Iranian president and nuclear negotiators cheered at home
Iranian president and nuclear negotiators cheered at home

debkafile’s exclusive Washington sources reveal exclusively: President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry secretly agreed to elevate Iran to the status of seventh world power, as a strong inducement for signing the interim nuclear accord in Geneva Sunday, Nov. 24, for living up to its obligations in the coming six months and for then signing a comprehensive agreement.

While Iran has always demanded respect and equal standing as a regional power, never in their wildest dreams had the ayatollahs expected to be granted big power standing, with an authoritative role recognized by the six big powers for addressing issues in a broad region spanning the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and Western Asia, including Afghanistan.

debkafile’s Iranian sources report that President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif presented this awesome achievement Monday to their hard-line critics at home, who accused them of giving away too much in terms of Iran’s nuclear program for the sake of a deal with the West.

We come home from Geneva with recognition as a world power, they replied.

The small print of Iran’s new rating is not yet in place, but Western sources familiar with the new US-Iranian understandings say they would not be surprised to find President Rouhani sitting in future summits on the same side of the table as the six powers who faced Iran in the Geneva negotiations. Zarif would also attend future foreign ministers’ meetings as an world-class equal.
Jerusalem and Riyadh are aghast at this development. Our Jerusalem sources report that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has kept it back from his cabinet colleagues, has been holding back-to-back confidential consultations with the heads of Israel’s security and intelligence services and the high IDF command to decide how to handle Obama’s sudden replacement of Israel with Iran as America’s No. 1 ally in the region.
Most immediately, a hostile Iran with a role in the ongoing US-sponsored negotiations with the Palestinians does not bear thinking off.

The Saudi royal house is deep in similarly anxious and angry discussions.
Some of debkafile’s Western and Israeli sources in the two capitals say Israel and Saudi Arabia both find Iran’s promotion to world status more shocking and deleterious even than its pretensions to a nuclear weapon. Neither had imagined the Obama administration capable of an about face so extreme.
debkafile has obtained full details of the secret US-Iranian deal as concluded between Kerry and Zarif in Geneva and endorsed by the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers. They will be revealed in the coming DEBKA Weekly Issue No. 613 out next Friday, Nov. 29.