Thursday, November 14, 2013

John Kerry....Iran's Jimmy Carter

The Palestinian Authority, the Islamic terrorist governing body in the West Bank, never had a bigger friend than Jimmy Carter - somewhere along the way, Jimmy Carter became a Muslim puppet and a Jew hater and an enemy of Israel.  Well, some 30 years later, we see that Iran can now claim their "Jimmy Carter" - namely Secretary of State John Kerry.

I went to all lengths here at this blog to denounce even the mention of John Kerry as Secretary of State of America - I pointed out his cowardice and lying about his service in Vietnam, I pointed out that his man spit on the valor of his comrades in that war and embarrassed the country when he proudly threw away his military service medals.  So, it's no surprise to me that this Secretary of State has become a butt buddy puppet for one of America's most vile enemies....Iran.

We sit here this morning and a bunch of pedophile mullahs in Tehran laugh their asses off at this clown we have sent overseas to represent us.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

John Kerry urges Congress to hold off on new Iran sanctions

The Obama administration was fighting against mounting domestic opposition to its handling of the Iran nuclear negotiations amid growing calls in Congress to push forward with a fresh round of economic sanctions against the regime.

Days after negotiations between Iran and the world powers in Geneva stumbled over French opposition to concessions to Tehran, the administration was yesterday lobbying Congress to hold off further sanctions or risk de-railing delicate negotiations that are due to resume next week.

John Kerry, the US secretary of state made his case last night in a classified briefing to the Senate banking committee where a fresh round of economic sanctions are currently being held.

"We put these [existing Iran] sanctions in place in order to be able to put us in the strongest position possible to be able to negotiate. We now are negotiating,” Mr Kerry said before entering the closed-door meeting

“And the risk is that if Congress were to unilaterally move to raise sanctions, it could break faith in those negotiations, and actually stop them and break them apart.”

The White House overtures were rapidly rejected by Republicans, however, who emerged from the briefing with Mr Kerry and vice-president Joe Biden promising they would push for tougher sanctions in the near future.

Senator Mark Kirk, a leading Republican proponent of tougher sanctions from Illinois, compared the Obama administration’s approach to appeasement, describing the White House pitch as “fairly anti-Israel” and calling for the Senate to “accelerate” sanctions.

A senior Republican senate aide went further saying there was now “bipartisan contempt” for the Geneva process.

“This was one of the worst briefings senators have ever sat through – Secretary Kerry trashed the Israeli Government and couldn't defend basic questions about the Geneva deal – we will see movement soon on more sanctions,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Democrat Senators, who have control of the banking committee where fresh sanctions are currently being held up at the White House’s behest, left the meeting without speaking to waiting reporters.

The talks in Geneva without resolution last weekend after France reportedly objected to parts of the deal, however last night those differences appeared to have been resolved after Mr Obama spoke with Francois Hollande, the French President, leaving the two countries “in full agreement” on Iran, according to a White House report of the call.

The plea for patience from the administration was also questioned by several senior Democrats in Congress who argued the White House was cutting a bad deal with Iran that would give too many financial concessions in exchange for only a minimal roll-back of its nuclear weapons programme.

“It is the crushing econimic sanctions that force the Iranians on a march to the negotiating table,” said Theodore Deutch, a senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee

“Tougher sanctions will not, as some have suggested, rule out a diplomatic solution, they will strengthen our ability to get one that ends Iran's nuclear program. This regime must know exactly what's at stake if diplomacy fails."

The head of the UN nuclear agency said yesterday that Iran was continuing to enrich uranium to 20 per cent levels, but that the enrichment programme had not been speeded up since the election of Hassan Rouhani, a pragmatist whose sudden change of tone enabled the Geneva negotiations.

Although no sanctions could be imposed before talks resume next week, sanctions hawks, say they are ready to force through the new sanctions by attaching them as an amendment to the annual Defence Authorisation bill which funds the US military.

This was the same legislative route used in 2011 and 2012 by sanctions hawks to force through tough sanctions on Iran’s gold, banking and automobile sectors.


Vladimir Putin said...

Congratulations!!! In 4 years your President has alienated an ally 40 years in the making.

I don't mean to gloat or anything(ok maybe a little), but what's going to happen in the next 3 years? Plenty of time for your commander in chief to wreck more vital links with allies. And then you have 2016!

I sincerely hope you elect someone with enough brains and guts to at least start a reversal of this downward slope you're in. The last decent President you elected was George H.W. Bush. Go back to the drawing board and seek someone like him.

The Duhnmharu said...

Kerry is a very poor secretary
of State, he is also a liar and teh two dont mix. He has little to no credibility, and is in lock step with Obama whose goal it is to destroy America . Why in GODS name are Americans putting up with this. The mechanism, is there to impeach him. Either resign or be impeached thats the message that should be played loud for all to hear. Let Obama get distracted fro once on destroying America and focus on his own selfish needs.

Never has a president before ever done so much to destroy America from teh inside that the Obama administration and this president has done

Resign Obama or be impeached... repeat loudly and often

Vladimir Putin said...

I don't think you're going to get that wish The Duhnmharu. You should focus on 2016.

Just out of curiosity. Who's your ideal candidate for 2016? Any specific one?

The Duhnmharu said...

Allen West if he goes for it

The Duhnmharu said...

One thing I have always held dear is this. It is not teh success that counts but teh effort. If no one shouts out impeach or resign, then assuredly we shalld eserve teh government we have. We must show up and be counted. We may win, I like tom think good men will prevent evil, we may not win, at least we will have tried

Who would you like to see in 2016 sitting in teh white house Vlad

Vladimir Putin said...

Interesting articles. It seems to be far worse than anyone initially thought. Well, worse for America, good for us.

I don't think Obama is going to resign. When was the last time that happened? Nixon? 40 years ago.

As for impeachment? If it was a slam dunk it would have happened already.

I think America has for a while now, elected individuals that are not that well qualified to govern. A notable example would be the last two Presidents.

As for Allen West? Is he qualified? Too many politicians and not enough Technocrats in your political system.

And the main question is....Can Allen West win nationally?

I think 2016 is basically do or die for your country. American influence has waned considerably in the last 12 years. Should your electorate make a predictable decision in November of 2016, America risks being blatantly ignored in key geo-strategic regions.

Sorry, but it's how international politics are run. Use it or lose it kind of mentality.