Saturday, November 23, 2013

John Kerry Arrives in Geneva To Offer Up Six Million Jews To Iranian Slaughter

From The Jerusalem Post.

Kerry, Western FMs arrive in Geneva to push for Iran nuclear deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry and foreign ministers of five other world powers joined talks on Iran's contested nuclear program on Saturday with the two sides edging towards a breakthrough to ease a dangerous decade-old standoff.

The Chinese, Russian, French, British and German foreign ministers - Wang Yi, Sergei Lavrov, Laurent Fabius, William Hague and Guido Westerwelle - all pulled up their sleeves to try to seal an interim deal under which Iran would cap its nuclear activity in exchange for limited relief from sanctions.

Hague and Westerwelle, however, both cautioned that a preliminary accord to turn the page on years of confrontation with the Islamic Republic was not yet guaranteed and that there was much work to do to bridge remaining differences.

"We (foreign ministers) are not here because things are necessarily finished," Hague told reporters. "There is a huge amount of agreement...(But) the remaining gaps are important and we will be turning our attention to those over coming hours. They remain very difficult negotiations."

Diplomats earlier said a formidable sticking point in the intense negotiations, which began on Wednesday, may have been overcome with compromise language that does not explicitly recognize Iran's claim to a "right to enrich" uranium but acknowledges all countries' right to their own civilian nuclear energy.

But Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Iran's demand to continue construction of a heavy-water reactor near Arak that could yield plutonium - an alternative bomb material - remained a tough outstanding issue.

Ryabkov said a breakthrough was closer now than at the Nov. 7-9 round of Geneva talks but, he told Russia's Itar-Tass news agency, "unfortunately I can't say that there is a certainty of reaching that breakthrough."

"It's not a done deal. There's a realistic chance but there's a lot of work to do," Westerwelle told reporters.
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The powers' goal is to cap Iran's nuclear energy program, which has a history of evading UN inspections and investigations, to remove any risk of Tehran covertly refining uranium to a level suitable for bombs rather than electricity. Iranian authorities deny any agenda to "weaponize" enrichment.

"We are close to a deal but still differences over two-three issues remain," said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbar Araqchi, a senior negotiator.

An initial accord on confidence-building steps would be designed to launch a phased process of detente with Iran after decades of tense estrangement, and banish the specter of a devastating Middle East war over its nuclear aspirations.

A preliminary pact would run for six months while the powers and Tehran hammer out a broader, longer-term settlement.

Diplomacy revived dramatically after the landslide election of Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate, as Iranian president in June, replacing bellicose nationalist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Rouhani aims to relieve Iran's isolation by mending fences with big powers and getting sanctions lifted. He has obtained crucial public backing from clerical Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, keeping powerful hardline critics at bay.

The draft deal would have Iran suspend some sensitive nuclear activities, above all medium-level enrichment, in exchange for the release of some of many billions of dollars in Iranian funds frozen in foreign bank accounts, and renewed trade in precious metals, petrochemicals and aircraft parts.

The United States might also agree to relax pressure on other countries not to buy Iranian oil. Tehran has made clear it wants a more significant dilution of the sanctions blocking its oil exports and use of the international banking system.

France's Fabius, who objected to what he felt was a one-sided offer to Iran floated at the November 7-9 negotiating round, seemed guarded on arrival in Geneva early on Saturday.

"I hope we can reach a deal, but a solid deal. I am here to work on that," he said. France has consistently taken a tough line over Iran's nuclear program, helping Paris cultivate closer ties with Tehran's adversaries in Israel and the Gulf.

Kerry left for Geneva "with the goal of continuing to help narrow the differences and move closer to an agreement," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. Direct US-Iranian engagement is crucial to a peaceful solution given the rupture in bilateral ties since Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Echoing optimism that a deal was close, China's state-run Xinhua news agency quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying the talks "have reached the final moment."

On the politically charged enrichment issue, Western powers say there is no such thing under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a "right to enrich," but Iran has viewed this as a matter of national sovereignty and crucial to any deal.

Diplomats said revised wording on the table did not explicitly recognize a right to produce nuclear fuel by any country. "If you speak about the right to a peaceful nuclear program, that's open to interpretation," a diplomat said.
For the powers, an interim deal would mandate a halt to Iran's enrichment of uranium to a purity of 20 percent - a major technical step towards the bomb threshold, more sweeping UN nuclear inspections in Iran and an Arak reactor shutdown.

The OPEC producer rejects suspicions it is covertly trying to develop the means to produce nuclear weapons, saying it is stockpiling nuclear material for future atomic power plants.

Israel pursued a lobbying campaign against the offer of respite from sanctions for Iran, voicing its conviction that all this would achieve would be more time for Iran to master nuclear technology and amass potential bomb fuel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told local media in Moscow that Iran was essentially given an "unbelievable Christmas present - the capacity to maintain this (nuclear) breakout capability for practically no concessions at all."


The Duhnmharu said...

Doom on teh P5+1 who are making a suckers deal for teh rest of teh world. Doom on Kerry Oliar , Ashton and others Selling the security of teh world down teh drain. Appeasers all.

Vladimir Putin said...

Oh don't be so dramatic. Having nuclear weapons is no longer an exclusive club. Everybody is doing it!

But all kidding aside? It's best you stop screaming till you're blue in the face. It's a waste of O2.

Iran sooner or later will acquire nuclear weapons and that'll be the end of it. Israel might even opt for a unilateral military strike. It's too late now to change anything via a strike, let alone when Iran does acquire nuclear capabilities.

Besides, they have us and China supporting them. Sanctions can be circumvented. And they can't be held in place forever. Especially since their use is to deter Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities. Once Iran does that, there will be no more realistic use for the sanctions. No country with the exception of Apartheid South Africa has gone back after going nuclear.

So why all this shrill bleating and baying? Is it the last trick up the sleeve of a Prime Minister on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Anonymous said...

Just as the Organizer takes over health care and banking…He has brilliantly planned the holocaust of the Jews..putting our Fleet into the restrictive Persian Sea is not to threaten Iran, but to provide an umbrella against an Israeli attack…they must get permission for fly over and will not or it will be limited…Leaking Jewish moves, airport deals, bombing plans, along with filling the world with propaganda about peace and openly referring to Israel as an impediment…it is all done to cower Israel from striking, if they fall for this, O will out do Hitler with no blame…Bibi will then be blamed for not acting…an evil Genius that Obama

Vladimir Putin said...

Obama an evil genius? Oh God I had to laugh for about 10 minutes.

If he's such an evil genius, how did our President outsmart him so easily? Not to mention publicly humiliate him like so?

The Duhnmharu said...

Vlad mt dearest Vlad. Putin outsmarted Oliar very easily. You see Oliar is full of his overinflated sense of inteligence and important. The facts are this. A dead fish has more smarts than Oliar, that is why Putin outsmarted him. Under Putin if Russia says tomorrow we nuke Tehran, then that is what happens. Under Oliar if he says teh same thing, he means not really well almost not really and tries to negotiate his way out of a mess. But be aware. Oliar and Putin of Russia and China and UK and France and Der Fatherland are all placing Israel in a terrible position just for teh sake iof Oliar to have one win to show teh world he is not a loser...he is a loser truly. If Cghechens threaten to wipe out Russia once tehy get a bomb, Russia would have turned Chechnya into a sea of glass within teh hour no screwing around. Oliar .. he is not a truthful man, he is a community p0rgabnizer given a job way above his level of competence. Israel will act and act again if required. She has no choice. Never again means just that... Never a gain a holocaust and never again a Masada. Seems Israel has learned from History, Russia and Oliar not so much

Vladimir Putin said...

The Chechens are holed up in the woods. Spetsnaz hunt them like dogs.

I don't think you understand. The Rubicon has been crossed. There is no going back. Any action Israel decides to take in the future will be futile. It won't achieve anything strategically.

Might as well accept the reality that Iran will join the nuclear powers club.

Israel isn't afraid of Iranian nukes. It knows on that level it has Iran outmatched. It's afraid that it will no longer be the undisputed regional power. Israel's nukes have it that undisputed status. And its about to be permanently challenged by Iran. And Neutanyahu is petrified that all of this might unfold during his watch. Hence his hysterical screaming about Iranian nukes. How bad would it look for a Likud man like Bibi to have Iran acquire nukes during his watch? A guy that has since his early political career given this image of a no nonsense tough guy.