Friday, November 1, 2013

Four Year Old Pakistani Girl Brutally Sexually Assaulted On First Day of Qur'an School by Muslim Cleric, In Critical Condition

What?  You're shocked?  Even after you know about the so-called profit Mohammed marrying a six year old girl and banging her when she reaches nine years old this shit still shocks you?

Yeah, me too - hopefully, we'll never get used to it.

The story comes from The Express Tribune via The Religion of Peace.

Four-year-old sexually assaulted ‘by cleric’


A four-year-old girl was taken to a hospital in Vehari on Thursday after she was sexually assaulted allegedly by the chief cleric on her first day at a seminary. Doctors treating her said that her condition was critical.

Meerapur police said the suspect had been arrested.

The girl’s father, a resident of Nawan Shehr in Mailsi, said in the FIR that he had dropped his daughter at the Shaheedanwala seminary in the neighbourhood.

He said more than 70 children from five nearby villages were enrolled at the seminary.

He said it was the girl’s first day and the chief cleric had asked him to drop her at his office. The father was told that he (cleric) would introduce her to other children.

He said when he went to pick her up at noon, he was told that his daughter was in the chief cleric’s office. The office was locked and the cleric missing. He said he broke into the room and found the child lying unconscious.

She was taken to the district headquarters hospital, where doctors treating her said that her condition was critical. Doctors later said she had undergone a surgery.

Dr Tahira Parveen at the DHQ hospital told The Express Tribune that the girl’s medico-legal examination confirmed rape.

District Police Officer Sadiq Ali Dogar said that a police team arrested the suspect from another seminary where he had been hiding.

He said the suspect had been shifted to an undisclosed location on account of the neighbours’ threats of violence. He said two other clerics from the madrassa were also reported to have gone missing after the incident.

Residents of the area staged a protest demonstration and announced a boycott of all seminaries.

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The Duhnmharu said...

These Imams do teh dirty deed then run away. They know didling a child is a criminal offence but because they deliver teh words of teh prophet Mohamed they think they are above it all. Any Imam that beats a child or diddles them needs to be put to death. That will be teh first step in reformimg Islam. Children are our future. Of course of you can fuck them up and blame it on teh infidel or teh jews, then you can make a shaheed I(martyr) out of them and they will kill the cause of their disaffection.