Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christian Youth Leader Brutally Murdered By Muslims In Tanzania

The tolerant know, those Muslims who want to build the interfaith centers in America, continue to spread their "goodwill" across the globe as a Christian Youth Leader was butchered by Mohammedans in the African nation of Tanzania.

The story comes from Midnight Watcher via The Religion of Peace.

Tanzania: Suspected Islamists Murder Christian Youth Leader With Machete, Wound Two Others

Charisma News – “A Christian youth leader has been murdered in Tanzania and two others seriously injured.

World Watch Monitor reports machete-wielding assailants attacked the men during an all-night worship service at Gilgal Christian Worship Center, near Lake Victoria.

The man killed was identified as Elias Lunyamila Meshack, a 35-year-old youth leader. The bishop of the church said the motive of the attack is unclear, but it was not a robbery.

‘I don’t think this was robbery because the aim of robbers is to steal money and other items, yet nothing was stolen here,’ Bishop Eliabu Sentozi reportedly said.

Christians in Tanzania have been victims of Muslim persecution over the past few years.

Several pastors and church members have been killed, while other believers have suffered acid attacks. Churches have been bombed or torched and properties have been destroyed.” Source – Charisma News.

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The Duhnmharu said...

The Bishop is stupid and probably politically corect He doesnt believe teh motive was robbery. Of course not Bish it swas only to kill Chrostians like a thousand times before. Are Christians really this stupid they dont understand they got targets on their backs and Muslims are gonna kill them. Now I understand how Hitler killed 6 million Jews, same method and means of killing and teh disbelief of teh group being attacked. Smarten up Christian Soldiers, arm yourself, and kill a few of these Mooks when they show up with their machetes. Let them bring knives to a gunfight stop being victims. I for one have no sympathy for any person who will not fight for their life. That may mean changing your minds set, but dead is dead. God did not put us on earth to be slaughtered any religions says he did, dump it immediately any religion that says turn teh other cheek , run away from it it wants you dead. The religion of teh gun is what counts, and no evil can overcome teh gun . Praise the lord and pass more ammunition. When you kill a few they willg et angry and come back to kill more, Wait for them and let them claim their virgins on a wholesale level. When they understand there is no benefit to them, they will stop attacking. Fuck teh mooks Amen