Saturday, October 12, 2013

Video: So What Are YOU Doing This Weekend?

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The Duhnmharu said...

Seems like the rebels are on the losing end now. Of course we know that as usual Obama abandoned teh rebels so he could be Putin's Bitch. Of course a long list of allies got abandoned UK France, ISrael amongst a few. Seems teh US gets insurgents going like they did in Iran under Carter then abandon them, had another chance during the green revolution same thing. America you cant trust them if your life depended on them and sometimes they do. Track record of abandoning allies and bugging out or just letting them to their fate seems to be a doctrine that is used more and more frequently. America used to be greeat. We used to fight wars to win , crush and destroy our enemy until they cried Uncle SAm Stop. Today we spend billions to develop and test our weapons but we are not in it to win it. Instead Obama proped up Karzai, the most corrupt lying sack of shit you can imagine except for teh democrats. There were enough troops in there to pacify the entire country wipe out teh Taliban and al quaeda, yet at every step of teh way when we were winning, word from the anointed one Obumbler changed teh rules of engagement, refused to allow a victory. That my friends is teh definition of a loser when they wont allow a victory. Instead we leave Afghanistan our tail between our legs, our dead died for nothing thanks Obama for that, the country is bankrupt. If we were to go bankrupt I at least expected to win and have a victory and not spend trillions for a loss and no win. Our politicians dont have teh balls for victory because our leader is a social activist not a war veteran. Doom on our allies as Obama cuts them loose, double doom on America we were once great but we are no more. Wrong is right, lies are truth, letting ambassadors die and lying about it is ok. We are so screwed