Friday, October 11, 2013

Video: America's Communist Voters?

(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)


Anonymous said...

Bad news again guys.

Israel will prevail though. There's something unique about us, something the barbarian hordes cannot grasp.

These latest attacks just underscores their desperation. Our efforts have been almost sublime in thwarting their plans to exercise maximum casualties onto our society. From the Iron Dome to the barrier we've frustrated their attempts to kill Israelis.

So now they have pathetically failed to match our brain and brawn, they resort to such tactics. They can't even conduct bombings anymore. That's how severely disabled their capabilities are. Or at least that's how good we've got them outmaneuvered.

Israel is the beacon of hope and democracy in a wasteland of ignorant cesspools and 7th Century barbarism.

We will win because for the sake of the free world we must. We're the first barrier holding back the hordes of Arabia. And we'll keep manning our posts.

David Bloomenthal

I don't know, is this a double post? I don't think my previous one went through.

Findalis said...

What is scary Holger is that you only have to say that Obama supports it to these idiots and they would sign not only their freedoms away, but their lives.

I suppose if Obama went on TV and said that to help him out everyone needs to eat a dog turd a day, they would do so willingly and cheerfully.

I on the other hand would make a killing in dog turds.

The Duhnmharu said...

It was asked recently "is America Stupid" Well the correct answer boys and girls is YES. The proof is this video. Why do people sign petitions without asking questions and finding out exactly what they are signing.. Obama has poisoned the well of humanity and he expects that we will drink his water.