Sunday, October 13, 2013

Retired American Army Officer Found Dead Hanged In Egyptian Prison Cell

This is one of the weirder stories out there right now...have a read, I can't quite figure it out.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Former US Army officer found hanged in Egypt police cell

A retired American army officer has been found dead in his cell in an Egyptian prison six weeks after being arrested for breaking the national curfew, raising concerns about worsening attitudes to foreigners in the country

Officials said that the man, named as James Henry Lunn, 55, was found hanged when prison officers in Ismailiya on the Suez Canal went in to deliver his breakfast.

Mr Henry had been arrested in Sinai in late August, amid a crackdown on movement of residents in Egypt and particularly in Sinai amid unrest following the removal of President Mohammed Morsi by the military.

Last month a Frenchman living in Cairo also arrested for breaching the curfew, Eric Lang, was beaten to death by fellow inmates in his cell.

Meanwhile, only last week, two Canadians, a doctor, Tarek Loubani, and a film-maker, John Greyson, who were arrested at the scene of a pro-Morsi demonstration in August, were released, describing how they had been beaten and humiliated in custody.

It is still not clear what Mr Lunn was doing in Sinai, though it is thought he might have been an amateur history enthusiast since police found historical documents and maps when he was arrested on Aug 27. He was said to have flown to Egypt from Bahrain two days before.

He has published a number of books online on conspiracy theories, including one about the US, Egypt and a "new world order".

The prosecutor’s report referred to an explosion at a police station the day before, and though there was no further statement as regards his involvement, it may have been this that caused him to be investigated further. His was also found with an “electronic device" which was later said to be a computer.

US embassy officials, who confirmed Mr Lunn’s death from an “apparent suicide", visited him last week. On Saturday, his detention was extended by a court.

Ever since the revolution of 2011, pro-army politicians and media have been spreading suggestions that the United States and President Barack Obama were deliberately trying to weaken Egypt, including by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. A map found at an office of a raided American NGO showing Egypt divided into four administrative parts was used to further a conspiracy theory that the US planned to break up the country by force or intrigue.

That has spilled over into attacks on foreigners in the street, which have continued since Mr Morsi was overthrown.

Meanwhile, the broader attempt by the military to exert control is being stepped up. The cabinet approved new measures to stop protests at the weekend, including a demand that 24 hours’ notice be given and that demonstrators not come within 50 metres of state buildings.

It also outlined the measures that can be used to break up protests, though little has been done so far to investigate the hundreds of people killed by police and the army during the crackdown, many by direct shots to the head and chest, including a 17-year-old boy only on Friday.

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The Duhnmharu said...

All infidels need to bug out of Egypt. Stay at your own Peril. Gypos are pissed at Obama and the people would just as soon beat the infidels ass into the dirt than try to save him. The USA is effectively persona non grata in Egypt, Saudi is replacing any lost funding from US. Russia will be the new patron for the ME as America is too stupid to see and understand what is going on on teh ground. Let me re phrase. Amaerica herself is not stupid but Obama is for allowing this to happen on his watch. He aided the MB to get in power , and now they are out. He backed the wrong horse and lost Obama a loser.. well if it fits. Now watch him scramble to blame someone else.