Saturday, October 12, 2013

Muslim Man Beats His Wife To Within an Inch of Her Life...For What? Well, She Missed Prayers, Of Course!

Rules are rules, baby - when Mohammed said pray five times a day he didn't mean four times...or three times...and you miss your prayers...well, apparently there's hell to pay.  At least if you are a female in Islam.

The story comes from The Tribune via The Religion of Peace.

Bad luck: Wife beaten up for ‘missing prayers’


A man beat up his wife in Khanewal ostensibly for not offering prayers.

Police said the man fled after she fainted. She was taken to the Kabeerwala tehsil headquarters hospital, where doctors said she would likely survive.

Police quoted Shamim Bibi, 32, of Fazil Shah area as saying that on Friday morning, she was preparing breakfast for her children, who were ready for school, when her husband, Mushtaq Ahmed asked her if she had offered morning prayers.

She said when she replied in the negative, he started shouted at her and accused her of bringing him bad luck and started beating her with a stick. She said he also kicked her in the abdomen and the chest until she fainted.

Police said Ahmed had fled the house apparently thinking she had died.

Some neighbours who had heard her shout for help rushed to her house and took her to the hospital, where doctors treating her later said that she was “out of danger”.

Dr Saima Iftikhar told The Express Tribune that Shamin Bibi had suffered five fractures. She had also more than 50 bruises all over the body, she said. She said her internal organs would be examined for possible rupture over the next 24 hours.

Some neighbours who had accompanied her to the hospital said Ahmed had beaten her as brutally a few weeks ago. They said her parents had then taken her to their house. He had brought her back nine days ago after a reconciliation was effected.

An FIR was registered with Sarai Sidhu police on the complaint of Shamim’s father. Station House Officer Khizar Zaman said that police were looking for Ahmed.

The woman’s father told police that Ahmed himself did not offer prayers. He said his daughter did not want to live with Ahmed any longer. He said he had taken his grandchildren to his house.

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