Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What? So You Are Convinced That the Navy Yard Attack In DC Was NOT a Muslim Terror Attack? Right?

From Mediaite (Today):

A not especially surprising report form the Associated Press on Tuesday morning reveals that Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, was mentally ill. “Navy yard gunman was treated by US for serious mental illness, ‘hearing voices,’” read an alert from the AP. One report revealed that Alexis was being treated since August by the Veterans Administration for his mental issues, but the VA did not force a review of his security clearance.

In case any of you have forgotten....

From CRIN (August of 2012):

[15 August 2012] - Iraqi security officials said al-Qaeda in Iraq is largely resorting to recruiting individuals [with mental disabilities] to carry out suicide operations because potential young recruits are refusing to join the organisation.

"Thirty per cent of the recent suicide bombings were conducted by individuals who are mentally challenged or are suffering from psychological disorders," said Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and public relations at the Interior Ministry.

"They did not know or were unaware of what they were doing when al-Qaeda sent them to detonate in the middle of crowds of people," he added.



Anonymous said...

What a weak correlation. AQI straps suicide vests on mentally retarded individuals who don't even know where they're walking, and then they detonate by cell phone. This guy might have been mentally ill, but certainly not retarded. Crazy, not stupid. Those poor Iraqis can't even hold a gun properly let alone fire with precision. By that definition, was Adam Lanza an Al-Qaeda operative? Or the Aurora theater shooter? Jared Loughner? I mean they were all mentally ill. Right?

Questionable and arguably weak sources Holger. Wouldn't Al-Qaeda by now have gleefully and covetously taken responsibility? Quite the propaganda boon for them. And yet over 24 hours, not a peep from them. Why not even fake claim it? Like Baitullah Mehsud did in 2009 regarding the upstate New York shootings.

I'll call it an Islamic terrorist attack when it turns out to be that, when there's evidence. Till then, I'll call it a nutjob going postal on his fellow employees.

I don't see what's to be gained from being purposefully misleading on such important matters. Other than time wasting, I don't see any accomplishments in these weak connections.

Credibility is the most important weapon we have against the hordes of ignorance and hate. We lose that, we lose the war. We, men of the West find ourselves fighting a two front war. One is against the shroud of darkness called Islam, and the other is the at times willfull ignorance of our very own people. An imposed upon ignorance by culturally suicidal and self hating Marxists. Who's dream is gray uniformity. If we fail to stay credible and relevant then we lose an important aspect of our war of survival. Ours is a war of the sword AND the pen. Being sloppy in the latter can be just as dangerous to our cause as is being sloppy in the former.

Lets not give an inch of mistakes to the Taqqyiaists and their Dhimmi minions.

Edi Rama

Holger Awakens said...


I am sick and tired of terrorist attacks and plots in America that are vetted for weeks only to find out that Islam is involved. Every time a terrorist strikes in this country we must point to Islam first. They brought that on, they own modern terror.

Secondly, I ask you...when did al Qaeda take responsibility for 9/11? When did Osama bin Laden publicly admit he was behind 9/11? In case you forgot, it was October of 2004 - 3 fucking years after the fact numbnuts.

If you want a PC approach to Islam in America...if you want me to be 110% sure of everything at this blog then go somewhere else - there is no high road at this blog - we're down in the shit with the jihadis and if I point the finger at these vermin and it turns out I'm wrong...I don't give a rat's ass. I could falsely accuse these fuckers for a century and I'll never approach the transgressions they have brought to Western man.

start your own blog if you gotta get it "right" dude - hell, the amount you type each time here would fill up a blog. It's free too.

:Holger Danske

Jenny Rose said...

"Secondly, I ask you...when did al Qaeda take responsibility for 9/11? When did Osama bin Laden publicly admit he was behind 9/11? In case you forgot, it was October of 2004 - 3 fucking years after the fact numbnuts."

This. Excellent retort. Thank you for your blog, and the balls to not be PC. It's refreshing and very much needed in upside down, insane world we live in today.

Anonymous said...

It's not about being PC. It's about being smart. Jihadists like the MB use gullible Marxists to do their own bidding. Now, how do they do it? Propaganda of course. And what's one of their most important propaganda tactics? To twist the words of those that stand up for freedom and against the shroud of darkness that is Islam. To paint them as either "dumb" or "bigoted." With that kind of propaganda they can and have influenced public opinion in the West.
Now imagine if the side of liberty used those tactics right back at them? Truly exposed them for the fiends that they really are? Except it would be the truth and not propaganda.
Now of course one or two blogs are not going to get this done. But it is a start.
This is a war of ideas just as much as it is a war of JDAM'S and Hellfire Missiles.
Yes you are right, when something like this occurs it is proper to think Islamists, for as you say...they've brought it upon themselves. But, jumping the gun will only give more ammunition to the mainstream media that only through a thin veil does it conceal its associations with the MB. Why do you think Al-Jazeera was successful in landing a channel in America? Precisely because of those aforementioned tactics.
Lets use their own Taqqyia against them.

I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way. It wasn't my intention. I just advocate for a more smart defense of liberty and a more stealth elimination of our threats.

Edi Rama