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Is Russia Aiding Syria to Hide Its WMD?

From The Clarion Project.

Is Russia Aiding Syria to Hide Its WMD?

Russia’s chemical weapons deal with Syria may not just be a slick move to strengthen Assad. It may be the present-day activation of an old Soviet plan titled “Operation Emergency Exit” designed to cleanse a Third World ally of incriminating material.

Assad has already begun moving his chemical weapons onto Russian ships, according to Kamal al-Labwani, who is a prominent Syrian opposition figure that stands against the Assad dictatorship and the Islamists. The Clarion Project interviewed him in April 2012.

Labwani says that Assad is also hiding chemical weapons in vegetable-filled trucks with the intention of transferring them to parts of Lebanon dominated by Hezbollah. Immediately after the Russian-brokered deal was announced, the Clarion Project was told by an informed source that there was intelligence that Assad was already in the process of sending WMD-related materials to the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.

The Iraqi government, a supporter of Assad, has denied reports that it is also housing Syrian WMD. General Salim Idris, a rebel military leader, claims that Syrian materials have gone to Iraq, as does an anti-Assad newspaper in Lebanon. The paper says that at least 20 trucks crossed into Iraq without inspection.

As the highest-ranking defector from the East Bloc, Ion Mihai Pacepa, was privy to the deepest secrets of the Soviet Union when he the chief of Romania’s foreign intelligence service. He defected in 1978 and remains in hiding.

In August 2003, he wrote that he had first-hand knowledge of a secret Soviet plan named Operation Sarindar, or in English, “Operation Emergency Exit.” Its objective was to cleanse a Third World ally of chemical weapons in order to prevent the discovery of Russian complicity and to help frame the West as the aggressor.

“All chemical weapons were to be immediately burned or buried deep at sea. Technological documentation, however, would be preserved in microfiche buried in waterproof containers for future reconstruction,” Pacepa disclosed.

The plan was first enacted in Libya, and he was told by the most senior leaders that one was drafted for Iraq. Syria, an ally of the Soviet Union and now Russia, would certainly meet the same standard.

Pacepa believes that “Operation Sarindar” was carried out by Russia ahead of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. He points to the presence of Russian advisors in the run-up to war as evidence, especially former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primkaov, who had long ago told Pacepa about the contingency plan.

There is a body of intelligence suggesting that Iraqi WMD materials went to Syria, probably along with other incriminating items. The Russian role in that possible clean-up operation is less talked about.

Intelligence expert John Loftus said in 2006, “every senior member of a Western, European, or Asian intelligence service whom I have ever met all agree that the Russians moved the last of the WMDs out of Iraq in the last few months of the war.” Loftus adds credibility to the theory, as he is a lifelong Democrat that opposed the Bush Administration.

Then-Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for International Technology Security John A. Shaw has come out publicly about the intelligence he saw related to Russian activity in Iraq before the U.S. invaded. Shaw monitored the movement of weapons in and out of the region.

His account is detailed in Shadow Warriors by Kenneth Timmerman. On February 10-12, 2004, Shaw and other top officials from the U.S., United Kingdom and the Ukraine held a private meeting that included Ukrainian and British intelligence chiefs.

According to Shaw, the Ukrainians provided an immense amount of detail about Russian Spetsnaz units in Iraq, including the dates and locations of secret Russian meetings and the names of Russian officers involved. A contact of Shaw’s operating a network of sources in the region provided important corroboration.

Skeptics are right to point to the conclusion that Iraq had no WMD by Charles Duelfer, the U.S. official who led the Iraq Survey Group. Though he concedes there are some “loose ends” on the question of a transfer to Syria and that “a lot of material went to Syria,” he is confident in his conclusion.

In February 2009, I asked him about the Ukrainian intelligence and he said he never saw it. This substantiates a part of Shaw’s story about the U.S. intelligence community’s mishandling of the intelligence.

The point isn’t whether Iraqi WMD existed or not. The point is that there is strong ground to believe that Russia’s Operation Sarindar was enacted in Iraq, as it was before in Libya. And therefore, Kamal al-Labwani’s claim that the Russians are already helping Assad to hide his WMD makes perfect sense and fits in with the classified information provided by Pacepa.


Anonymous said...

I guess it is easy to talk about WMD's when you have them and others are not allowed to. Assad is a two bit tyrant who knows only one response to a challenge of his rule. Hardly a global menace. Nuclear and WMD hypocrisy on behalf of USA by Israel is staggering. It's not about tyrants and Aytollahs having nuclear weapons or even nuclear power. It's about maintaining Israeli nuclear dominance. Why then would Israel politically sabotage our Kingdoms' efforts to obtain civilian nuclear capabilities to ease the financial burden Jordan is facing?

Perhaps it is time Israel and her AIPAC lobby realized that other nations have a right to nuclear power. Especially since those nations are signatories to the NPT(which Israel is not).

Aslan humble servant of:

His Majesty the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Abdullah II ibn Al-Hussein

Findalis said...

Of course Russia is aiding Assad with his WMDs. Just as Assad aided Saddam Hussein in his hiding. Yes Anonymous, Hussein had WMDs. He used them on the Kurds and Iranians. People forget that. Right before the US invasion a huge convoy of trucks could be seen heading out of Iraq and into Syria. Guess what they were carrying?

Putin got what he wanted. The total embarrassment and humiliation of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Chemical weapons are a weak qualifier for the category of WMD. They kill many, but so do carpet bombings. Its ineffective at times and completely dependent on wind for direction. WWI showed chemical warfare was largely ineffectual in determining the outcome of the conflict. So I don't see how they could be WMD's. Nuclear weapons or the Hydrogen Bomb are WMD's.

Then why didn't the U.S. Strike at the convoys? They were going to bomb Iraq anyway, so why not hit the convoys? Besides to make it into Syria those convoys were probably at some point going to venture north of the no fly zone. If you recall from Desert Fox in 1998 to the invasion in 2003 American and British aircraft dropped a significant amount of ordinance on Iraq, trying to degrade Saddam's capabilities. It was the little war that never made the headlines. America and Britain could strike in Iraqi territory with impunity. But a few weeks before the invasion they can't strike trucks carrying WMD's? Something doesn't add up. It seems quite suspicious.

But what I see is Israel sitting on a stockpile of 400 WMD's and sabotaging my country's efforts at a civilian nuclear capability. Clearly there's a double standard when it comes to energy and security independence with Israel dictating to its neighbors what they can and can't have in terms of infrastructural capability. Apparently we're to die of thirst or buy water from Israel. Desalination plants require a lot of energy, and Nuclear power is the most powerful and cheapest energy source to make those plants run efficiently. Israel powers them through nuclear power, but we're not allowed to do the same, Because it makes Netanyahu nervous. So in Israel's mind we can either be parched with over stressed water supplies or balloon our account deficit and import water from their desalination plants. When we could easily produce the same results with our own plants powered by our own nuclear energy.

Jordan is the least hostile nation to Israel in the region. Imposing on us ludicrous demands to stop our own energy independence movement might just erode that goodwill that's been built up over the last 19 years.


Findalis said...

Jordan is the least hostile nation to Israel in the region. Imposing on us ludicrous demands to stop our own energy independence movement might just erode that goodwill that's been built up over the last 19 years.

Yet the Israeli embassy there has to keep a very low profile, Jewish tourists cannot openly show that they are Jews or they will be attacked, and a media who openly calls for the Muslim world to finish the job your idol Hitler started. But you are friends. With friends like you, Israel doesn't need enemas.

If Jordan, Syria, Egypt got a hold of enough nuclear material for a bomb, Tel Aviv would be destroyed. The fact is that you are an anti-Semite and raise your children to be the same. The Muslim world is backward and without the West would have no electricity, cell phones, computers, etc... You cannot invent. You only destroy. You wish to live in the 7th Century and bring us all down to your level.

Until you bring your culture out of the 7th Century. Nuclear technology should be kept out of your hands. You are children. And children should not have dangerous toys. Gas and Biological weapons are too dangerous for you. Nuclear material must be kept from you.

As a people you need to grow up first.

Anonymous said...

Well I can see the arrogance just oozing out of you. Of course why not? American Suburbia has that effect on people.

Is that your best argument? Calling us names? No wonder you're starting to lose the plot.

Yes apparently we are going to fire non-existent nuclear war heads at Tel Aviv from our de-salination plants. Because nuclear power used for electricity and de-salination is evil. Well not when Israel does it.

I suppose we're to die of thirst? Jordan is one of the most water stressed nations on earth. We import 98% of our energy needs. But how dare we presume to become energy independent? How dare we brake the Israeli monopoly on de-salination? We must go broke buying water we can produce ourselves to satisfy the peace of mind of suburban housewives in America.

7th Century? Well never mind that our Majesty King Abdullah II is arguably the most modern and pro-west leader in the Arab World.

I guess we're to ignore America stirring the hornets nest in the region, inflaming $audi Wahabbists and other takfiri groups. The same groups that have opened the floodgates into our country. Who have declared open season on our King.

Yes because our number one priority as a nation is to invite an Israeli nuclear warhead by firing one at them. Ones that we don't have to begin with. Shouldn't you be more worried with Pakistan? The epicenter of takfiri groups? Yet still, Delhi hasn't been nuked yet. Pakistan the most religiously extremist nation on earth has had WMD's for 15 years and has not fired one at India. One might wonder why? One could also wonder why Seoul, South Korea hasn't been reduced to nuclear ash by Pyongyang? Two extremist regimes armed with Nuclear weapons haven't pulled the trigger.......and yet American housewives worry about Jordanian de-salination plants and how the latter will destroy Israel. I guess these are the exciting times of our lives. Mass hysteria over Jordanian energy independence.

Perhaps you should stick to Dancing With The Stars or The Voice. As opposed to the internal issues of sovereign independent nations seeking energy reliance and stability.


Findalis said...

King Abdullah II is a moderate? Oh yes in your male mind he is. Yet girls and women are murdered because they insulted a man's honor. And the murderer (Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, etc...) gets no prison time, gets no trial, is considered by King Abdullah II and the men of Jordan innocent. But you do not think that your society is in the 7th Century.

You are not the driest land in the world. There are drier places in the world than Jordan.

You seem to forget that. Be innovative in your quest to find and preserve your water. Other people have done so. You expect other nations to give you what is theirs.

As for energy, you are Muslims. Beg your Muslim brothers to give you oil. The Saudis are swimming in it. The Iranians are swimming in it. They should be shipping you oil by the tonnage.

You blame the Jews for your problems. You should be blaming yourselves and looking to fix your problems by yourselves.

Kunta Haji said...

We can't possibly have that, now can we?

Jordan....from energy importer to net exporter of electricity?

We can't have isotopes used for medical and agricultural reasons.

My God that will actually raise the standard of living. How shocking!!!!

Quick lets go to defcon 5! Jordan has decided to improve the lives of its own citizens!

How dare they disturb the mental peace of Suburban Housewives in America? How dare they not take into account the losses that Israeli businesses will incur as a result of this leap toward energy independence and economic self-sufficiency?

Something must be done....but what? Wait a minute I'm getting something here....I got it!

We'll just accuse them of having WMD's!! That'll teach them to go off on their own and do their own thing. That sort of mantra is only good for domestic consumption....around October in an election year. Everyone else better ask for permission to run their own country as they see fit.


Kunta Haji said...

Hahaha, my comment was deleted. Ahh censorship. When the truth hurts too much.

Findalis said...

First of all I am not a poorly educated housewife in suburbia. In fact I am very well traveled, veteran of the US Air Force (Intelligence Analyst, specialist in Middle East), and I have a higher degree in a science.

Now to your points:

1. His Majesty King Abdullah II is a reformist and a modernist. He inherited a sick system, both politically and economically. The Wasta nepotism system was and to a certain reduced degree is deeply entrenched. If his reforms are too fast for the tribes he risks them overthrowing him. Of course it is better to do things gradually rather than quickly and lose the one chance to initiate reforms. Yes there are problems, namely because of takfiri elements within the tribes who wield influence.
Meaningful reforms take time. When did women get the right to vote in America? 1920? 144 years after American independence? It took some time didn't it? His Majesty the King has been in power only 14 years. In a nation where social conservatism is deeply entrenched, reforms don't come over night. Even if the King had absolute power, which he doesn't.

I see you are still blaming someone else. King Abdullah inherited this mess from his father, his grandfather. Yet instead of pushing forward like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk he runs scared like a rabbit. He allows the tribal chieftains to dictate to him.

Women in the US have voted in the Western States since the 1880's. Wyoming was the first state/territory to incorporate women into the voter ranks. And they have voted since then. Yet in Muslim nations (Including Jordan.) women have no rights. They can be killed at whim of their family, they do not inherit at the same rate as a male, and in some they cannot even leave home without a man's approval.

2. Jordan is one of the most water stressed nations on earth. I believe Yemen takes the unfortunate prize of the country who will run out of water first.
You are wrong here. Pakistan is the most water stressed nation on Earth. You are correct about Yemen though.

3. Be innovative in preserving our water? We are, that's why we are building de-salination plants. We expect other nations to give us what is theirs? When did I say that? Please point to exactly where I said that? Are we demanding water from Israel? No. So then why butt in to our internal affairs?
Look to your neighbor Israel and ask them for their help. Israel is the world leader in water reclamation and conservation. Israel is your neighbor and could be a great friend. They will show you ways to help your water problem.

4. What? Who are you to tell us what fuel we should use for energy needs? Buy oil? And go deeper into debt? Or have our own cheap energy that can ease our financial burdens....hmmm.... Really tough choice....NOT!!!
Funny how your Muslim Brothers will not help you. But have you looked for oil in your land? Have you looked into solar and wind power. They aren't the answers but they could be. Try developing both and become a leader in the field. Think of it as a challenge and an oppotunity to show the world your intellectual strength.

5. We are actually fixing our problems. Hence the construction of de-salination plants via civilian nuclear energy. Two birds with one stone. Reduce water stress by de-Salinating sea water which requires a lot of energy, thus the need for nuclear energy and not oil which would cost a lot more and erasing our need to import oil for the local grid. In conclusion helping us balance the books, clean up our air and green up our landscape.
Add solar and/or wind turbines to these desalination plants and you could become Zero pollutive with them.
To be continued.....

Findalis said...


But there are those sore losers out there *cough* Netanyahu *cough* that don't want to see an energy independent and economically vibrant Jordan. It's bad for business you see when Jordan stops buying Israeli de-salinated water and starts consuming its own locally produced water. It's also bad for business when Jordan stops importing oil and natural gas from the Tamar and Leviathan oil/gas fields, due to switching to nuclear.
Prime Minister Netanyahu and the people of Israel want a strong, healthy Jordan on their border. Ask Israel for help and you will find that you have a neighbor that will give you the proverbial shirt off his back to help. Work together and you both will thrive. But can your nation give up their anti-Semitism? Give up their undying support for the Palestinians? Even though the PLO tried to kill King Hussein in September 1970? The Jews could be your greatest friends. They haven't tried to assassinate King Hussein or King Abdullah before him. Nor have they tried to assassinate King Abdullah II. Instead Israel has always held out her hand to Jordan in peace. Grab it and work together to make both lands into a Paradise.

Kunta Haji said...

Don't forget to take historical circumstances into mind.

•Ataturk was a military dictator, an efficient one at that.
•He came to power at the apex of secularism in the Muslim world, at the same time the caliphate fell. Making his job somewhat easier.
•His Majesty King Abdullah II came to power in 1999, at the start of the rising tide of political Islamism.
•Ataturk had more absolute powers than our King, thus making reform easier to push through.
•Tribal Chieftains have more social clout in Arab societies than in Turkey.
•Different personalities and ruling styles. Ataturk more abrasive and forceful. King Abdullah II more low key and reserved.

If certain territories had the woman vote in the 1880's, it's still over 100 years after Independence. Reinforces my point that reform is hard to achieve where entrenched opinions dominate, conservative ones at that.

2. I didn't say it was THE most water stressed, I just said it was one of the most. And its true, we are a water stressed nation.

3. Ummm why? Especially since we can do it ourselves. And already have the blueprint for a good plan to go forward. Great for Israel, they want to use de-salination? We won't stand in their way. We ask them to return the favor. We'll follow our own program.

4. Who says they haven't offered? Where do you think we get our current oil? But why import someone else's energy when we've got our own? Over 65,000 tons of uranium! Yeah we've invested in renewables, particularly solar given our landscape. But de-salination plants require huge amounts of energy that solar and wind cannot cover. And oil is too expensive. So that only leaves nuclear, for which we already have the fuel for Within our own borders. With the extraction of our uranium from our mines and the putting in place of a new grid and de-salination plants Jordan becomes a net exporter of electricity rather than a net importer of energy. Sorry but we can't pass up such a glorious opportunity to reverse our deficits into surpluses.

5. Renewables are important but they don't cover the energy hole. Nuclear completes the picture.

If Netanyahu wanted our best he wouldn't try his best to scuttle our civilian nuclear program and eventually our path to energy independence and economic self-sufficiency.

The only anti-Semites in Jordan are the $audi financed Wahabbists. An Arab can't be an anti-Semite for he too is a Semite.

I follow the teachings of Kunta Haji. I don't hate, I criticize, granted in sarcastic ways.

Like I said earlier the Kings' hands are tied in certain matters. He doesn't want all the refugees flooding the country, and that includes Palestinians. But, He is married to one. I suspect he is a secret isolationist but can't do much to follow that line.

King Hussein crushed the takfiri PLO in 1970. Drove them out of Jordan. Don't forget Jordan has worked with Israel and America. A lot of the good intelligence Mossad gets on certain plots comes from GID, and of course vice versa. The Millenium Plot was uncovered by GID. It was GID that warned America about 9/11.

We accepted peace in 1994. Unlike Arafat and the PLO, we have kept the peace with Israel.

We just ask Israel not to interfere in our internal matters. Our energy policy is ours, not Israel's. We choose the path forward. We are signatories of the NPT, that enables us to legally start a civilian nuclear program to achieve energy independence and economic self-sufficiency.


Findalis said...

That is just the problem. You have neighbors who can help and you won't ask. Working together makes you stronger, not weaker. So Israel desalinates for their water. So does Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern Florida, San Francisco, etc... I can go on. Use what you can and do what you can.

Renewable energy isn't the whole answer but it does helps. It gives you an edge.

What assurances do you give that your nuclear program won't become a bomb making venture? Israel fought wars against Jordan and Israelis have memories of how the Jordanian Army treated them and their cemeteries in the past. Your track record is one of destruction and devastation. Breaking international agreements and the idea of taqiyya. Prove them wrong.

For the record:

No nation can be forced to sign onto an agreement. Whether it is the Kyoto Accords or the NPT. I do understand that North Korea and Iran both have signed the NPT. And we know how they are following that treaty.

Kunta Haji said...

That's your problem, not ours. We don't need help, we have started to do it ourselves. So let Israel, Saudi Arabia and San Diego de-salinate. We'll do it as well. Why are you so adamant to "help" when we're not asking?

Yeah I know. That's why we are investing in renewables. But how many countries do you see whose entire energy needs are met by renewables? None. 20% tops and that's still a large figure. Hence the need for nuclear. You can't sit on top a pile of potential cash and not act on it.

What? Assurances? Israel is the one with nukes!! With the secret nuclear weapons program. Yeah war is never pleasurable. Both sides committed acts that can be considered war crimes i.e. the execution of POW's. Yes because Israel's track record is squeaky clean, no deception or double dealing. Prove them wrong? Why? It's our UN mandated right to a civilian nuclear reactor.

What assurances can Israel give that it won't fire its warheads? None because no one can predict the future
It's got nothing to do with track records, rhetoric or history. Israel just doesn't want anyone else having what they have. It's understandable from a strategic POV, but it's inevitable that other nations will acquire nuclear weapons. And just like India and Pakistan they won't use them on each other. Not one nuclear armed nation has ever been invaded by another country. Why? MAD deterrent. Staying in the past will not move you forward. Judging current generations for actions committed by previous ones is irrational. Should Germany and Japan not be allowed to have Nuclear Weapons?

His Majesty King Abdullah II is not one to seek the apocalypse. He's a rational minded man. Weaponizing our barely started civilian program would not only take decades but would be too economically costly for us. Our main long term priority right now is the economic stabilization of Jordan through energy independence.

I think to start a nuclear program you have to be a signatory of the NPT. Yes of course countries violate it. They're all in a race.

We have a right to a civilian nuclear program. If Israel doesn't like that, well they'll just have to deal with it. We don't get too overworked about their active military nuclear program.


Findalis said...

You don't need to be part of the NPT to start or have a nuclear program. And Israel's nukes are Israel's last weapon of resort. In the years of Israel's program they have never used them. Not even in 1973 when in those first days Meir thought all was lost.

Jordan has signed agreements in 1948 and then immediately reneged on them. How can Israel trust now when in the past when they trusted they were stabbed in the back.

I expect that one day Pakistan and India will come to blows and shoot nukes at each other. Pakistan is becoming more radical and India is becoming more distrustful of Pakistan (Mumbai). The 1948 war they fought was horrible and MAD only works so far.

What assurances can Israel give that it won't fire its warheads? None because no one can predict the future
It's got nothing to do with track records, rhetoric or history. Israel just doesn't want anyone else having what they have. It's understandable from a strategic POV, but it's inevitable that other nations will acquire nuclear weapons. And just like India and Pakistan they won't use them on each other. Not one nuclear armed nation has ever been invaded by another country. Why? MAD deterrent. Staying in the past will not move you forward. Judging current generations for actions committed by previous ones is irrational. Should Germany and Japan not be allowed to have Nuclear Weapons?

Upon its foundation Israel was attack by 5 nations. Israel had no tanks, planes, guns, army and yet it won that war. That war happened 3 years after a madman (Who the Muslim world not only looks up to but is trying to emulate.) successfully murdered 6 million Jews. And the world did nothing. Put yourself in Netanyahu's shoes. Would you allow your enemy to gain a weapon to finish the job Hitler started? A job your nation (along with Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world.) calls to finish on a weekly if not a daily basis. A horror that your nation (And the rest of the Muslim world.) refuses to accept as a Historical fact. King Abdullah's government has even supported every lie about Jerusalem (A city that Jordan once ruled and cared nothing about.) that the PA announces that Jews never lived in the city and land. Contrary to historical and archeological evidence. But Israel should trust his word. His words speak differently.

As for Germany and Japan. Japan has a nuclear program but no nuclear weapons. Reason: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A Germany with nuclear weapons would and should scare the world. It is only 70 years since they brought war to the world. Not the first time they had done it, but the 4th. It seemed that every 20 to 30 years Germany had to go to war. Are they itching for war? It is in their blood. That is one reason Germany was cut into pieces.

His Majesty King Abdullah II is not one to seek the apocalypse. He's a rational minded man. Weaponizing our barely started civilian program would not only take decades but would be too economically costly for us. Our main long term priority right now is the economic stabilization of Jordan through energy independence.

If he could attack and win, Abdullah would do it. Such is the mindset Israel has learned from the Arab neighbors.

BTW it takes 5-10 years to build a nuclear plant. What will Jordan use for energy until then.

Holger Awakens said...


Looks like you've been having some fun. LOL

Kunta, you said:

"ahaha, my comment was deleted. Ahh censorship. When the truth hurts too much. "

Wrong. No comment of yours was deleted here. Maybe you forgot what you wrote.

:Holger danske

Findalis said...

Kunta keep trying to goat me at Monkey in the Middle. I keep deleting him. I prefer my readers to stay on target.

Kunta Haji said...

Who was goating? I was just stating a fact. If you take facts as goating, that's your own issue. Jordan will have a civilian nuclear program. And we will achieve energy independence and economic self-sufficiency. If you see a sovereign nation with full rights to civilian nuclear energy achieving its socio-economic and environmental goals as a threat then you should change your national message of freedom and liberty to do as I say not as I do.
It's better you come to terms with the reality that sovereign nations will not simply become appendices of Israel, and follow Israeli interests blindly. We have our own internal interests and we will pursue them. If your feelings are hurt, well then that's life. Jordan is an independent Kingdom and with independence come sovereign and legal rights.