Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Al Qaeda In Iraq Attacks Two Police Stations In Anbar Province, 7 Police Killed

Here we go again as al Qaeda in Iraq sets its sites on Anbar province in western Iraq - the latest signs of al Qaeda progress are two attacks on police headquarters in Anbar where a total of seven policemen lost their lives.

Lemme see...we have al Qaeda killing people consistently in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and now in Kenya - imagine how bad it would be if Barack Hussein Obama didn't have these guys on their heels!

(Sarcasm off)

The story comes from DAWN.

Iraq attacks on police kill eight: officials

FALLUJAH: Eight people, including seven policemen, were killed on Tuesday during attacks on two police stations and a local official's house northwest of Baghdad, officers and doctors said.

Militants attacked police stations in the towns of Rawa and Aana near the highway to Syria in Anbar province, and also killed the brother of a local official, the sources said.

Militants including those linked to Al-Qaeda frequently target Iraqi security forces and other government employees.

The violence came after four days of attacks that have raised the spectre of a return to the all-out Sunni-Shia sectarian conflict that peaked in 2006-2007 and killed tens of thousands of people.

A bombing against Sunni mourners in Baghdad on Monday killed 15 people, while another at a Sunni funeral the day before killed 12.

Those attacks were preceded by bombings targeting Shia mourners in the Iraqi capital on Saturday that killed 73, and two blasts at a Sunni mosque north of Baghdad in which 18 died on Friday.

Violence in Iraq has reached a level this year not seen since 2008, a surge in unrest that authorities have so far failed to stem.

With the latest violence, more than 610 people have been killed this month and over 4,400 since the beginning of the year, according to AFP figures based on security and medical sources.

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