Saturday, August 24, 2013

US 'positioning forces' for possible action against Syria

Don't do it, Barry.  Don't do it.

I promise....they'll start to say...."Barry Lied.  People Died."

The story comes from The Telegraph.

US 'positioning forces' for possible action against Syria

The Pentagon is moving forces into place in case President Barack Obama opts for military action against Syria, as US security advisers prepare to meet to discuss how to tackle an apparent chemical attack in Damascus.

Amid calls for military intervention after the Syrian regime carried out an alleged chemical weapons attack this week, US commanders have prepared a range of "options" for Mr Obama if he chooses to launch an attack on the Damascus regime, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said aboard his plane en route to Malaysia.

But he declined to provide any details on the positioning of US troops and assets.

"The Defence Department has a responsibility to provide the president with options for all contingencies," Mr Hagel said.

US media reported warships had been sent to the region for possible cruise missile attacks or other action but Mr Hagel declined to comment on the accounts.

"The president has asked the Defence Department for options. Like always, the Defence Department is prepared and has been prepared to provide all options for all contingencies to the president of the United States," he said.

"And that requires positioning our forces, positioning our assets, to be able to carry out different options – whatever options the president might choose."

He also did not comment on a report from CBS News that the Pentagon was making "initial preparations" for a cruise missile attack.

Separately, a US official said Mr Obama's security advisers will convene at the White House this weekend to discuss US options, including possible military action, against the Syrian government over an apparent chemical weapons attack earlier this week.

If Mr Obama takes part in the high-level meeting as appears likely, it would be his first full-scale session with top foreign policy aides since Wednesday's mass poisoning in a Damascus suburb.

US newspapers also have suggested disagreements within the administration over the risks of another American military intervention in the Middle East.

The Pentagon chief and other defence officials made clear no decision had been taken on whether to employ military force against President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Mr Hagel, who visited US Marines in Hawaii on Thursday before setting off on a week-long tour of Southeast Asia, said he expected American intelligence agencies to "swiftly" assess whether the Syrian government indeed used chemical weapons.

He said the US government would work closely with its allies.

"The international community should and will act in concert on these kinds of issues," Mr Hagel said.


Anonymous said...

I promise....they'll start to say...."Barry Lied. People Died."

The press??? No they won't. Barry is not a republican. You see, its okay when a democrat starts a war.

Anonymous said...

Except Assad has an active WMD program, unlike Saddam's dormant one. But why don't you want a war against Assad Holger Danske? You rail against him and his support for Hezbollah.

Have you wised up to the fact that military adventures anew are a further detriment to your debt and deficit issue?

But I guess we'll just have to convert your debt acquisition into purchases of critical infrastructure. What better way to assure against an American default?

It would be quite imognimous for you to fall into another SCO engineered trap in one decade.

Xi Jingping

Anonymous said...

Well my Dear old XI:

Shit disturbing more. Yes Asad has a WMD problably iran as well. It is a truth that more military adventure will cost trillions more. On one hand this makes China nervous as it holds most of teh notes for teh USA. Frankly i would not put much stock and trade in those notes. Could turn to vapor. More likely with Obama pushing his socialism agenda. You know how well socialism works Xi Don't you. Now china you see is a supporter of Syria but not a complete fanatical supporter as is Russia under Putain.

Russia is broke. teh US is broke, China is broke as well. You see when China goes to buy up foregn oil comapnies its not cash they pay with. Someone holds Chinese notes just like China holds notes on USA. China is vulnerable to Assad as there may well come a time when his WMD find their way to Muslims in the urguar area and voila the communist dreams goes up in a big flash end of teh Chi9nese Superiority complex. M More over China spending untold billions on its war machine hoping to be just like teh US. Somehow I dont think they are capable of it. Not until teh old and older genreation are gone. But teh little princes dont want to serve in military when they can bribe theior way out so who will serve and back up Chinas claims to teh various islands and atolls that she claims loudly but really in fact does not own. China teh bully of teh sea will at some point soon get a bloody nose from one of teh countries she is trying to push around. The mouse may well roar soon. Apologies for (the) keyboard dixlexia).

In teh mean time chiona grows restless for everything Western, including freedom and capitalism people have little stomach in China for teh fear mongering and warmongering nor do theyn want to spend their treasure on wars. But then again Maybe she does. As for teh US under Barry it will fail. There is hope but not with him. Perhaps we could make a deal and send him to China so he could lead you my dear Xi and your fellow countryment. say you will take him we dont want him, he lies too much

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, sorry for your dislexia. It can be difficult.

Now on to your response. Russia is not broke. They have large budget surpluses and their debt to GDP ratio is 11%.

And neither is China. We have even larger budget surpluses and our debt is reasonably low. America on the other hand is quite the opposite. Large budget deficits and a debt to GDP ratio of some 102%.

As for notes and how volatile they are? Well that's why we are setting up economic zones in America and buying up your critical infrastructure, as an insurance policy against a default.

Check this link:

WMD's? You know how hard they are to move around? You don't think a much better funded, better equipped and better trained group than the Uyghurs in China would have tried it by now? Don't be childish. It's extremely difficult to acquire WMD's. Let alone move them across borders.

Just because we are modernizing doesn't mean we are adopting "Western Values." That's your arrogance blinding you into thinking everyone wants to be America Jr. Our history and culture are far older and wiser than yours. We have our own values that predate yours by Millenia. We'll stick to ours.

Also we're not looking to build a war machine akin to America's. There's only one use for a budget as large as the Pentagon's, and that is perpetual war. We prefer to trade with nations, not bomb them.

Xi Jingping