Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pakistani Muslim Man Purchases 20 Year Old Woman To Breed, Give Him a Male Child does sound like something that Mohammed would suggest, doesn't it?  You're a 55 year old man and you want a son and since women occupy the same level in Muslim society as a breeding cow, why not buy yourself a 20 year old woman to birth you a son?

The story comes from ZeeNews via The Religion of Peace.

Pakistani man buys girl to give birth to male child

Lahore: His wish to father a son from a girl 'bought' for the purpose landed a 55-year-old man in police custody in Pakistan's Punjab province.

Muhammad Ali, married twice, had three girls but no son and he bought the 20-year-old girl, hoping that she would bear him a son.

Ali and his two wives were living with him separately in Cheechawatan, some 200 kilometres from here, in Sahiwal district. Three girls were from his first marriage but her second wife was issue-less.

"As I desperately wanted a male child I bought a 20-year-old woman, Begum Bibi, from Mamoo Kanjan, near Lahore, by paying rupees 120,000 to Muhammad Khan over a month ago.

I loved my second wife and I told her that I would leave the girl when she will give birth to a male child and subsequently I would hand him over to you (second wife)," Ali told police.

Ali started living with Begum Bibi in a rented house.

A couple of days ago, Bibi called the Rescue 1122 over phone and complained that Ali detained her in a house and abused her both sexually and physically.

In an operation, authorities rescued Begam Bibi and handed over her to police. Police later arrested Ali.

Begam Bibi told police that Ali had promised to nikah (wed) with her at the time of "buying deal."


Findalis said...

Does he get to return the woman if she fails to get pregnant or gives him a son?

And we are suppose to respect this people?

Anonymous said...

No Findalis, we're not supposed to respect them. Just be nice to them and shut our eyes to their medieval ways. Lest we be called racist and risk widespread riots and epidemics of rape. All done in self-defense of course. It's us that are the instigators!! How dare we question a 7th century pedophile and his followers? Don't we know that our human rights and advanced societies anger the moon god of the desert?


Anonymous said...

He'll probably get a girl, where an honor killing would then be the way to go.

Holger Awakens said...

Great comments by all of three of you! Thanks

:Holger Danske