Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Israel Sends Fighter Jets Into Gaza To Take Out Rocket Crews That Struck Israel

It's nice to see Bibi not blinking an eye in retaliating against rocket strikes by the Islamic terrorists in Gaza - I'm sure that Hamas and Islamic Jihad figured that this was the perfect time to start lobbing rockets into Israel since the "peace talks" are underway and the Israelis wouldn't want to jeopardize those.


Dead wrong, chumps.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Israel launches Gaza air raid after rocket attack

The Israeli air force targeted rocket launch sites in Gaza hours before the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians, after rockets were fired from the area, the Israeli army said.

"The raid targeted two rocket launch sites after rockets were fired on Tuesday from the Gaza Strip, one of which exploded on Israeli territory," said an army spokesman. No one was injured in the attack.

"Hamas must account for any violation of Israeli sovereignty and the terrorist regime that it has put in place will be held responsible for any terrorist activity coming from the Gaza Strip," the spokesman added.

The Islamist Hamas movement which controls the Gaza Strip is opposed to the resumption of US-sponsored peace talks in Jerusalem later Wednesday.

The negotiations will come just hours after the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners as a confidence-building gesture, and a day after Israeli authorities announced the approval of 942 new settler homes in annexed east Jerusalem, provoking Palestinian fury.


Xi Jingping said...

Don't you mean Wu Chinese instead of Cantonese? Come on American, get in touch with "cultural diversity" lol.

Isn't "Holger Danske" Old Norse for "I'm not really Scandinavian"?

;) Xi Jingping

Funny how you didn't address the strategic failures of America's foreign policy, the ones I laid out.

You shouldn't be afraid of discourse Holger Danske, wasn't that the very foundation of your nation's Independence Movement?

And I hope your friend Findalis isn't too shy of open discourse either.

P.S. a note on Hebrews in America, at least the ones on College campuses, not the brightest young minds. For some reason.....very naive in the workings of this world. Especially about the conflict in their own ancestral homeland. Why is that? Have they lost touch with Israel?

Just my observations I guess.

Anonymous said...

Xi JingPing

The great communicator on par with former president Reagan. NOT. Fix what is broke in China and teh rest of those places that China calaims as its own like Tibet which never belonged to China. The great Chinese mind that wants a greater China consisting of land that did not belong to them. Seems MUslims in China fair no better than they do elsewhere. But hey Thats China They talk the talk but sure dont walk it. What is nice to watch is teh slow economic meltdown taking place in China Watching the elite squirm as they are just moments away from a bullet in teh head. Ya gotta love China... the glorious land of corruption and thievery raised to a fine new level by technology. Xi you got lots of complaints on everything that is Amreican. First off we dont need your complaints we know what teh problem is. So try something really novel. Lets see if Xi Jing Ping has teh smarts to propose solid solutions to teh problems or if he is just another loud mouth Chink ... sorry about calling you a chink but asshioles like you deserve it. So come on Xi baby give America teh solutions to get us back on track so we can be like China.... Oh I remember how its done in China. Round up a few million suspects and shootm them Chinese style in teh back of the head. Really Xi I want to hear the solutions you propose If you dont have any then STFU in case that doesnt translate into Chinese it means 'SHUT THE FUCK UP" dONT BE A WHINER BE A FIXER xi

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, what does "Teh" Mean?

Well like I said before no country is without problems, and China is no exception.

You want solutions? Stop spreading yourselves so thin. Don't go into strategic overreach. Practice strategic patience. Why do you think we are benefiting from oil contracts in Iraq? Because we sat back and you guys did all the heavy lifting, via strategic overreach. And as a result dug yourselves quite the debt hole.

I can guess why you are so angry. Because deep down you know I have a point. If you knew what the problems were you'd address them, not repeat them. And you wouldn't fly into a racist tirade.

Acceptance of constructive criticism is the first step to fixing your problems. I for example accept your point about corruption in China. You're very much right about that. But when I tell you that you're over stretching yourselves you fly of the handle as if your very own imperial possessions were being stripped away.

Try to control your fear.

Xi Jingping