Thursday, August 15, 2013

Husband, Family Suspected of Honor Killing in UK

Some may ask...what have the Muslim BROUGHT to the United Kingdom in their immigration - well, this is one of them....honor killings.

Quite a contribution, don't you think?

The article comes from The Clarion Project.

Husband, Family Suspected of Honor Killing in UK

Police in the UK are looking for the body of a Muslim woman who they suspect of being killed by her husband and his brother, with help from another brother and the husband’s parents.

Rania Alayed, 25, a mother of three, went missing from her home in Manchester in early July. Her disappearance was called “extremely out of character” by police who have charge her husband, Ahmed Khatib, 33 and brother-in-law, Muhanned Mahmood Al Khatib, 38, with murder. Police have also charged another brother, age 34, with “assisting an offender.”

Reports by the BBC say that Ahmed Khatib’s father, 65, and mother, 55, have also been arrested on charges of “assisting an offender,” but have been released on bail until August 19.

Alayed had previously been the victim of domestic violence and had reported the violence to police. Part of the investigation will center around how those complaints were dealt by the police authorities who were aware of the problem.

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Anonymous said...

This is addressed to anonymous user from a previous article:

Dear Anonymous, what does "Teh" Mean?

Well like I said before no country is without problems, and China is no exception.

You want solutions? Stop spreading yourselves so thin. Don't go into strategic overreach. Practice strategic patience. Why do you think we are benefiting from oil contracts in Iraq? Because we sat back and you guys did all the heavy lifting, via strategic overreach. And as a result dug yourselves quite the debt hole.

I can guess why you are so angry. Because deep down you know I have a point. If you knew what the problems were you'd address them, not repeat them. And you wouldn't fly into a racist tirade.

Acceptance of constructive criticism is the first step to fixing your problems. I for example accept your point about corruption in China. You're very much right about that. But when I tell you that you're over stretching yourselves you fly of the handle as if your very own imperial possessions were being stripped away.

Try to control your fear.

Xi Jingping